Economy in Very Bad Shape as Growth STOPS! Millions of Evictions A Looming Crisis

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Distractions, distractions. All the while they tear themselves apart. No need for an iron fist. The people will destroy themselves.

The bull market rages on. Yes, the stock market has propelled higher, erasing all 2020 losses. This is all courtesy of easy monetary policies. We can see what is happening to the US dollar as well as gold. All of these indicators are pointing to some very unique circumstances. The Fed will add additional stimulus as they have stated higher inflation is what they desire. So S&P at 5000 and a loaf of bread is $20? We’ll see.


GRAPHIC-Say goodbye to the shortest bear market in S&P …

Stock market today: S&P 500 rises to a record close, fully wiping out its coronavirus losses

The economy’s in ‘precarious shape,’ despite new S&P highs, Cramer says

How can Wall Street be so healthy when Main Street isn’t?

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The war against the dollar is heating up – Axios

Virus pandemic reshaping air travel as carriers struggle – Orange County Register

Evictions crisis looming in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal

As protections expire, Vegas faces potential eviction crisis

Elon Musk is now the fourth richest person in the world after gaining $8BILLION in one day | Daily Mail Online

Twelve U.S. Billionaires Have a Combined $1 Trillion –

Retail trading app Robinhood’s value tops $11bn on new fundraising | Financial Times

The stock market’s comeuppance is coming, as bullishness gets extreme – MarketWatch

US companies cling to share buybacks despite collapse in profits | Financial Times

Denmark to Make Banks, the Rich Fund Its Early Retirement Plan – Bloomberg



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