NZ Lock-down ruled “Unlawful”

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The first 9 days of Lock-down in NZ have been ruled to be Unlawful by 3 high court Judges after a legal challenge.

Indeed those Judges knew it from the outset as did all Judges in the Western World who became Accessories to the Crime until this ruling was made finding the lock-downs to be Unlawful thus exonerating them because they have finally done their job.…ourt-finds

The Government exceeded its powers telling us to stay at home and in our bubbles in the first nine days of the coronavirus lockdown, a court has found.

Public announcements Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and others, made between March 26 and April 3 were justified but went beyond the Director-General of Health’s actual lockdown order forbidding congregating, except with social distancing, and shutting non-essential businesses.

Staying at home and in our bubbles was not the legal position until April 3, so New Zealanders rights and freedoms were unlawfully limited for those first nine days, the court decided.

You will find this is the case across the western world.

When you breach people’s rights you have to compensate them.

How much are we all owed?





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