Election: South Australia Rejects Wind And Solar Skyrockting Electricity Prices

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Australian elections: Left-Greens lose — Weatherill’s revolutionary battery powered state runs out of power
The government running the renewables crash-test-dummy state has lost

Map SA. South Australia.In South Australia, Jay Weatherill is gone. Resigned. Tally so far: Libs win 24 seats, Labor 18. Though according to commenters SA voters were choosing between Lite-Left and Hopeless-Left. The new premier will likely be less-bad. Xenophon (small alternate non-establishment player) was crushed. He didn’t side with either Labor or Libs, so voters probably felt they couldn’t afford to sit on the fence and risk more years of Weatherill’s reckless industry-destroying state government.

The Greens are down from 8.7% to 6.6%, a fall of 25% in their popularity. (Not that I could find any news headlines to that effect).


Those far leftists here from Australia must be crushed, maybe they can immigrate to a more socialist state like Venezuela.

Ruling Climate Fanatics Obliterated in Aussie State Election



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