Electric Cars (EVs) Are a Huge Scam and Part of the Big Reset Agenda

by Chris Black

There’s a big push from governments in the Western world to phase out IC engines and go full electric. This is for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that “they” want us to be less mobile and stay confined within cities.

Basically, to rent everything and be good slaves, own nothing and be happy, you know the drill.

Here’s the deal:

The power lines outside your house on the street can only carry around 500 simultaneous amps before they catch fire. The transformers are rigged to blow before that.

Fast chargers for electric cars pull 80-100 amps. Which require you to get a second 100 amp service for your house. That is for one vehicle. You aren’t charging two electric cars at once.

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If everyone in your neighborhood has two electric cars, your local utility would need to triple their generation capacity. Don’t say solar power, because it will be dark when most people plug in their cars to charge.

Also don’t bring up smart meters. That is really the only way it could work. But it is impractical. Everyone would need to leave their cars plugged in at home all the time, to make sure their car gets charged when the smart meter allows it.

If you could generate enough power and build out new power lines that could handle a few thousand amps at once, the cost for electricity would be astronomical. Power lines capable of carrying that load would need to be buried and liquid cooled. The only other solution is massively high voltage lines everywhere with substations on every block.

Still not feasible.

This electric future is a pipe dream.

Unless you bring back Nikola Tesla and his wireless power tapped into the Earth.


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