Elite Pedophiles & Over 100,000 Missing Kids to be Exposed with DOJ Indictments

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by Thinker
There are over half a million kids missing in North America and not one agency that Americans spend trillions on to keep everything safe is doing their job, if children can disappear. Headline news reporting to Americans about a few hundred girls missing in Africa, when there are almost a million missing on their own continent. How can so many children be missing with all the security, agencies for child trafficking, and so many others who are supposed to be looking out for America’s children?
Who is running these agencies?
Have Americans put the fox in the hen house with the chicks?

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There is news in mainstream media coming from every direction attacking the President of the United States for as many things as can be found by the new world order who lost the race for the president slot. Now the the cards that weren’t supposed to be exposed to the the masses are being turned over. From former presidents, congressmen/women, organizations at the highest levels, and most of Hollywood is full of people who prey on children and women. Like Kevin Spacey in the House of Cards television series to real life, it seems the show isn’t far from telling the same story of the life of one of America’s greatest couples, foundations, missing money, witnesses, and the biggest game changer of all.
Little girls who are now women are feeling empowered to call out the men/women who have preyed on the children to satisfy sick beliefs. Will the NYPD release the tape that will be the end to a new world order or will Trump be removed by a Pentagon that was filled with computers with child porn and no one to blame. PURGING THE PEDO PLAGUE & SAVING SOCIETY — Sarah Westall
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38 thoughts on “Elite Pedophiles & Over 100,000 Missing Kids to be Exposed with DOJ Indictments

  1. Why isn’t something bein done about this situation? So tired of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Comey, and beyond other stupid Congress people like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Elijiah Cummings getting away with murder and deceit and actual real crimes against Americans. Hussein was put into our government by George Soros.

  2. I’ll believe it when even one of them actually goes to prison. Before that, I think the whole purpose of DOJ “indictments” is to seal them forever in order to protect the criminals.

  3. If they don’t do it out in the open, in front of us, I believe its NOT HAPPENING…
    Secret deals don’t apply, Sessions.

  4. The reason nothing gets done about this crime of all crimes, is because the agencies in charge of protecting the children are the same people that are committing the crimes. CPS is nothing but a child snatching organization that rips innocent children from perfectly good homes and places them in dangerous situations and then drag the parents through the mud falsely accusing them of all kinds of abuse. You can’t put the criminals in charge and expect solutions. This has to be done with and outside independent force that can execute swiftly from the top down.

    • I used to call the Children Protective Services (the HRS) the Home Wreckers Society. They did MORE DAMAGE to a child and the family. They had a field day at my home over a nothing complaint that literally cost me 6 months of them in my face every week in my dining room…… but yet they let actual child abusers who beat their kids go unscrutinized and the child ends up dead due to their mishandling of the case.

      • So sad but so true. There isn’t one alphabet agency that does not do the exact opposite of what we are told they do. Corrupt, every one of them. FBI, CIA, FDA, EPA, DHS, CPS, the list goes on and on and on and every one of them are paid for by the people that they are f**king!

  5. These people won’t EVER be touched. Just more Dog& Pony Shows at GREAT tax-payer waste, so stupid Amerikans can read headlines and say; “OH! THEY GOT ‘EM NOW!”
    Year after year after year after…..

  6. If the NYPD had anything on Podesta or Hillary, they would have been arrested already. Its has been over a year since this evidence apparently was collected off Weiner’s computer.

    • They HAD stuff on Hill and Podester and did nothing……they were told to stand down and forget and hide whatever evidence they had.

    • So you pretend that Bribery is just Pay to Play so being publicly Seth Riched can be called a loyalty issue and remedial training for not only Bernie Bros.
      You are why murder and bribery can be a “protected” government tool.

      • I am sure they are guilty of many crimes, but they have teams of lawyers and never enough evidence, not to mention the back channel payoffs. It is a rigged game for sure, but I tire of claims that these criminals are on the verge of arrest.

  7. “If the NYPD had anything on Podesta or Hillary, they would have been arrested already.”
    The NYPD has had the goods on many dozens of high placed POLITICALLY blessed pedophiles and MURDERS. Then what? The small groups of good cops compiling the evidence are told to turn over their evidence and CLOSE the investigation.
    We have watched the Bushs and Clintons rape and murder in open sight for four decades. WHO will change this? YOU will IF you learn the facts and start SCREAMING.

    • Remember Huma and Anthony Wiener’s “Life Insurance” folder?
      We called this Blackmail and Extortion evidence back when Justice was legitimate.

  8. How can the good people in this country go to sleep each night knowing that this scum is allowed to keep doing this and nothing is done to stop it? Send this scum to hell or prison with the people protecting them, it’s a shame when children are not even protected from these monsters.

  9. The two police sketch artists produced likeness of BOTH Podester brothers in the Madeline McCann case….and they were “vacationng” at a friend’s home less than 1/4 mile from where she was abducted from!!! Why haven’t they pursued these two very hot leads?????

      • Yes….look at the two police sketches they made in Spain and you can see both John and Tony Podesta are dead ringers for the men in the sketches. John has no glasses in the sketch and could have been wearing contacts that night. I know the sketches are online somewhere if you’d just try to find them. I was aghast when I saw the likeness was so close to BOTH of them….. Your Scotland Yard has made going to Spain on vacation to investigate this case almost an annual event when they know damn well who did this to Maddy. I’ll see if I can find those sketches for you. I know Chris Spivey did something about this on his site. chrisspivey.org

        • Bloody hell , near perfect match. Is this why they trot out the Maddy story every now and then? Here in the UK the Maddy story will just pop up out of nowhere for a day or two and then just go away just as fast.

          • Yes….the cops just want another sunny vacation in Portugal….so they keep bringing this up again and again. So far I think they’ve gone about 7 times…..!!! And yes…the match is VERY VERY close and you wonder WHY MI6 brushes this under the table? Hmmmmmmmmm? Could it be they DO KNOW who and refuse to go after them? Aw gee….do ya think it?

  10. Right now, a bloody civil war is needed to clean house or make the Elitist earn their safety.
    Our government is complicate in worse than Human Trafficking. We don’t deserve peace.

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