Dr. Mark Skidmore – Missing $21 Trillion Means Federal Government Is Lawless

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Dr. Mark Skidmore thinks the federal accounting of $21 trillion in missing money is crazy and far outside the realm of normal. So, is this a legitimate U.S. national security issue? Dr. Skidmore, who holds a PhD in Economics, says, “Yeah, and that is one of the reasons I decided to look at this. How can this be, and what does this mean? If trillions of dollars are flowing in and flowing out, it appears to be outside of our Constitution and outside of the rule of law. If that is the case, that really is troubling because it suggests that there is a layer of things happening that are outside the rule of law. I know, for example, that some activities, just for the sake of protection of the people involved in national security, have to be black budget. There is always stuff like that. Usually, it’s authorized spending, and some percentage is this black budget where only a small percentage of people and some in Congress know about it, but this is way outside of that. So, I am worried about it.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Professor Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University, as he talks about $21 trillion in missing money from the U.S. federal budget.

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Mark Skidmore – Missing $21 Trillion Means Federal Government Is Lawless

  1. This is so far beyond criminal that it is hard to fathom. This in itself is enough proof that our government is nothing but a criminal organization and at the very least incompetent. Any rules that they attempt to impose on us citizens cannot even be taken seriously when you consider who it is that is trying to tell you that you are a criminal if you break one of their laws. Anyone with zero accountability has no right to tell anyone else how to live their life. Period.

    • The fleecing of humanity by the elite, or whatever you want to call them, has been going on since the advent of the Church and seems to be the one thing that no one gives a cr@p about even though it IS the ROOT of ALL tour problems.
      Everyone is glued to their favorite programing network sitting on the edge of their chairs to see what new “scandal” is going to hit, to watch their favorite sport or to see what’s going on on their favorite emotionally charged reality TV show. If you even mention the theft going on via our governments and the central banking cartel people’s eyes glaze over and they don’t even listen. Twenty one TRILLION dollars is an absolutely unfathomable amount of money… 65 000 for every man, woman and child in the USofA. Think of what that kind of money would mean… it would open up sooo many doors for those that otherwise would never have a chance.
      It is absolutely disgusting that those at the top are fleecing the masses and it is equally disgusting that most people just do not care in the least. We the people have ALL the power and should we ever finally get pissed off enough to make a stand there’s absolutely NOTHING those at the top can do to stop us. Of course that is slowly (way too slowly) happening which is the real reason behind all the beating of the war drums as those at the top WILL start a war or a pandemic or do anything they can to ensure they keep their perch at the top regardless how many have to die in the process.
      We need to be so very careful moving forward as the only safe way to get back the control is to do it quickly and with very little warning… which with the increasing surveillance of the masses is getting all but impossible to do.

    • civil war in the banana patch happens all the time.
      I predict that the coming civil war here will KILL the top 30% rich and 10% of the poor, in the very FIRST 6 MONTHS, the rich will be at even more RISK in the country side as the city folks will come for them!
      IT STARTS the DAY MAGA fails?

  2. Dear
    the beneficiaries of Stephen Mnuchin’s Trump Budget, with
    humongous increases in National Debt similar to programs Goldman
    Sachs has used for decades to impoverish nations, clearly visible to
    you ever wondered how the New York banks have been so successful that
    they can give million dollar bonuses and buy interlocking director
    control of Fortune 500 companies ?
    how the Federal Reserve system conceals billions of dollars of profit
    in accounts that are not audited ?
    me to offer a succinct revelation for your consideration. How these
    funds are used to the detriment of society is detailed in footnotes
    17 and 18.
    future of the United States may be in your hands.
    difference does an increase in the National Debt make? We owe it to
    ourselves.” Nancy Pelosi has declared. Such a paraphrased
    statement, reflecting on the exoskeleton structure of the Federal
    Reserve, ignores the inner historic mechanisms of Rothschild banking,
    the intense subterfuge and arm-twisting of the Fed’s creation, and
    the proven
    destructive forces inherent but hidden therein. 1
    medieval Rothschild Banks established a line of credit for the King
    provided the King issued a written promise to pay gold, with
    interest, to the bank at a time in the future. The book-entry
    Rothschild credit was used to pay for obligations incurred by the
    king and the credit continued to be circulated in the kingdom between
    merchants. The bankers sold the king’s interest bearing promise of
    gold to investors. The promise was renewed on its maturing date and
    was perpetually rolled-over. 2
    !!! The king made
    the suppliers of services happy with Rothschild credit; the bankers
    had the gold; the public had a promise that the king would eventually
    pay them in gold—which would never happen. 3
    Everything went smoothly as long as the bank could sell the promise
    and the people did not demand the gold. 4
    As Benjamin Ginsburg has lamented in FATAL EMBRACE; (bankers) AND
    THE STATE 5,
    eventually the schemes, which stole the wealth from the people, would
    come to a catastrophic climax. 6
    Federal Reserve 7
    does the same thing for the U.S. government’s deficit spending.
    Their wizard is hiding behind Frank Baum’s curtain as obscurant to
    any public inquiry.8
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York will grant credit (not “create
    money”) in an account of the US government with an amount that the
    government will pledge. 9
    The government will expend the book-entry-credit account (deficit
    spending) to pay for goods and services consumed by the government.
    The suppliers are content. Evidence that the supplier has received a
    credit voucher is obvious. [It is touted to the public as a loan.]
    The heading of the currency given to the supplier by a local
    commercial bank is Federal Reserve Note; i.e., a debt obligation of
    the Federal Reserve also identified as a “tender” (substitute)
    required by law to be accepted for an imprinted number of dollars. 10
    sell the pledge from the government (the Treasury security) at the
    highest price, the Federal Reserve will hold an auction but will
    camouflage it as an auction by the government.11
    Acceptance of bids, determining the interest rate, and the amount of
    deficit spending permitted is controlled by the BOG.12
    Government regulations clearly establish the funds from the auctions
    are controlled exclusively by the FRBNY; i.e., a franchisee of the
    BOG. 13
    addition to the approximate $1 trillion annually auctioned for
    deficit spending (new cash), the roll-over of approximate $10
    trillion debt from prior years (publicly held maturing) is annually
    auctioned and disbursed by the FRBNY. 14
    difference in handling of the two accounts is the supreme camouflage.
    Funds for roll-over securities are credited by the FRBNY to a
    government account. The FRBNY then pays the Primary Dealers (from
    the government account) for their task in collecting the maturing
    securities from the public. There is no increase in the National
    Debt nor is there any inflationary resultant from these transactions.
    the funds from deficit spending securities were to be used in
    redeeming Treasury securities in the market (i.e., paid by the FRBNY
    to the government), it would eliminate any increase in the National
    Debt. It would also eliminate any increase in money in circulation
    (inflation). That clearly does not occur.
    only viable dispersal of funds identifiable to this writer is the
    funds are commingled with funds to select Primary Dealers. If the
    Primary Dealers include shareholders of a privately held incorporated
    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, they would not have to
    reveal corporate records.15
    The profit could be completely hidden from view. 16
    The deficit spending amount 17
    would be clear profit for the owners of the BOG.
    statutory charter of the Federal Reserve stipulates profit of the
    operation belongs to the government. Concealment of funds that
    belong to the government appear to be embezzlement, among other
    theories abound on how the purloined funds have been utilized to the
    detriment of society. 18
    the scheme is not exposed, Wall Street internal memos identify
    collection of the $20 trillion debt is the “ultimate goal” and
    would reduce the United States to the status of Greece. 19
    Wall Street’s objective in Greece 20
    is not to exploit, but is to destroy the nation. 21
    Indeed, national sovereignty has been acquiesced by Greece to the
    Troika (financiers) as the terminal end of Goldman Sach’s “shitty”
    three billion Euro debt. 22
    proposed Goldman Sachs government budget (whoops, Trump’s budget)
    includes huge deficit spending increases (increased military spending
    with cuts in social programs) with unrealistic increases in national
    productive/tax base.23
    This is the same scheme Wall Street and the CIA have used to
    bankrupt other nations for four decades. 24
    The psychopathic Wall Street warmongers demand a humongous deficit
    busting military expenditure, but this statement may reverse cause
    and effect. 25
    The people will submit to anything if they are induced to fear a
    foreign threat.
    ready to kiss your 401(k), your government benefits, your pension,
    and your bank accounts goodbye, with strikes prohibited, health care
    costs escalated, perpetual war, mass layoffs (including government
    personnel), and economic chaos—among other dire occurrences. 26
    is the utopian government controlled by bankers that David
    Rockefeller 27
    so proudly promised for the world in his autobiography MEMOIRS and
    Carroll Quigley touted in TRAGEDY AND HOPE.
    can rest assured the same scheme is used by the ECB with the Euro.
    U.S. has two options:
    entire situation can be ignored with the public meekly submitting to
    Wall Street’s collection of the fraudulent $20 trillion National
    Debt and accept the fate of Greece [Greece has surrendered national
    sovereignty control to Goldman Sachs/Troika];
    can assert public pressure on congress-critters to audit relevant
    accounts and indict Wall Street.
    How can banks with (deficit spending) liquidity that borrowers will
    not accept for loans laundry the money? Well, they can buy stocks
    (and watch the price go up and say the corporations are buying their
    own stock) or they can buy bonds (and watch the yield go down as
    demand increases). Have you seen any evidence of this happening ?
    Ignorance is Bliss
    are available at
    they are deleted by software.
    origin of the Federal Reserve is well known. Ref.
    fact, the “king” has been known to confiscate the public gold in
    “the public interest.”
    the hook was set, the bankers would clandestinely demand
    token payments of gold from the king until his coffers were emptied
    and he was bankrupt. After
    the king was bankrupt and the people resisted increased taxes,
    bankers (who controlled the roll-over of prior debt and the paying
    of interest) would demand the king sell his assets to the bankers
    (for the banker’s make-believe book entry credit) at fire-sale
    prices (as in Greece) so interest on the king’s promises could be
    Consider the irony of it. For
    the king to have a bit of purchasing power to advance the kingdom,
    the kingdom was lost. The people finally wised up and revolted.
    Magna Carta as a rebellion against the war-mongering of London
    financiers is an interesting observation by Ben. It has been omitted
    from history books. 1000 years hasn’t changed financiers’
    war-mongering obsession. Ref.
    Douglas Valentine,
    debt-based national economy without specie backing is a Ponzi scheme
    inherently destined for bankruptcy but that is another story. Ref.
    “Federal Reserve” name is a first camouflage to disguise the
    bank with a facade of government agency for sovereign immunity and
    to mitigate public animosity from bankers exposure. The claim of
    agency status does not appear to comply with Supreme Court
    adjudication of parameters for agencies. Nor is status of agency
    available for the economic benefit of private entities. The status
    of the BOG is not known to have been adjudicated. Ref.
    favorite line is the government borrows money. It is impossible to
    see that what was not there before the event could be borrowed. It
    would appear that the Fed put up no legal consideration for the
    agreement. A contract without legal consideration by both parties is
    void from its inception. Nor can it be rational that the Federal
    Reserve had $20 trillion a century ago while they purchase $100 Ben
    Franklins for 15 cents each from the US government. [The Fed does
    not ‘print money’ (sic); it buys it from the government.]
    Another inane concept is that the government borrows from the
    public. If there is any logic to this concept, how is the public
    then in debt ? Dr. Daniel R. Sanches, a frequent economics writer
    for the Philadelphia FRB, recently circulated such a perfidious
    writing—but not on the FRB website.
    Treasury Bill, Bond, or Note backed by the taxing power of the U.S.
    President Nixon removed the pledge of gold. Cynics might
    conclude the banks had confiscated the government’s gold by that
    FR Notes were at one time identified as commercial paper (a legal
    identification denoting no asset backing by the issuer). Then they
    carried a covenant of redeemable for gold or silver, then the
    promise was redeemable for lawful money, now identified as a legal
    tender (a substitute for money) for public or private debts. What
    you have is what you get.
    “… To sell marketable public debt, the Treasury, through the 12
    Federal Reserve district banks and their branches, acting as fiscal
    agents for the Treasury, sells securities to the public through a
    competitive auction process.” page 22 of 161.
    the surprise of President Clinton. Appointees to the BOG are made
    from a short list alleged submitted to the government by the Wall
    Street owners of the corporate Board of Governors.
    1992 GAO report reveals the FRBNY electronically receives auction
    bids [ http://www.gao.gov/assets/90/82783.pdf ] and 31 CFR 375.3
    grants unlimited exclusive authority to disburse auction funds.
    The tabulated entries do not include government account
    holdings. The public holds 72.41% of total government debt.
    The 12 Federal Reserve banks have been adjudicated as privately
    owned corporations each with a board of directors of nine members
    (also identified as franchisees). The private ownership of the FRBNY
    has been the subject of numerous writers. This should not be
    confused with the privately owned closely held corporate ownership
    of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve alleged herein.
    The BOG can remove any director of any FR bank without cause or
    recourse. Administrative and regulatory control is statutorily
    vested in the Board of Governors. A query of “Who owns the Fed
    ?” allows an evasion of the allegation.
    gold hoard at IMF is 2,814 metric tons. The IMF, controlled by
    Wall Street, want $64 billion from the U.S. government.
    reports (by professional accounting firms) of the Federal Reserve
    are conducted in accordance with guidelines established by the BOG.
    The relevant accounts are private client accounts, not operational
    accounts, and have never been audited.
    The funds exceed $4.4 billion daily. [ $1.6 trillion deficit
    divided by 365 days is $4.4 billion.]
    OF POVERTY and GLOBALIZATION OF WAR, both by Michel Chossudovsky;
    was started with a mere $2.8 billion loan foisted by Goldman Sachs
    and known to be unpayable.
    . It is the pound of flesh from the Merchant of Venice.
    Smedley Butler declined an offer from Wall Street to be the leader
    of a U.S. coup in the 1930’s. Ref. WAR IS A RACKET by Smedley
    Robert K. Wilcox alleges in TARGET PATTON that Patton was
    assassinated by the U.S. government because of his planned crusade
    against U.S. war mongering.
    Perkins, CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN. Congressional funding
    of some covert foreign political action by the CIA in the 1980’s
    is detailed in
    Robert Stinnett in DAY OF DECEIT presents with government
    documents that FDR and his cronies on Wall Street developed a 17
    month agenda to pressure Japan to hostile action. Codes were broken;
    Pearl was not a surprise. Douglas Valentine in CIA AS ORGANIZED
    CRIME concludes the CIA has repeatedly initiated US military action
    for the economic benefit of Wall Street. Nomi Prins relates in ALL
    THE PRESIDENTS BANKERS that World War I was foisted on the US to
    safeguard many billions in loans by Wall Street with a set-up false
    flag HMS Lusitania. THE GLOBALIZATION OF WAR by Michel
    Chossudovsky. David Swanson gives a lengthy list of US invasions.
    Ref. http://davidswanson.org/warlist/.
    Bankers have successfully lobbied for bankers to receive super
    priority, including for derivatives, in the event of government
    is the grandson of Nelson Aldrich, the godfather of the Federal
    Reserve system. Did he inherit Nelson’s stake in the system/BOG?

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