Elon Musk Tells the Truth About Crypto, “Investors” Disavow Their God and Savior

By Chris Black

As I already told you in numerous articles, Elon Musk is just a hack, and Bitcoin/Dogecoin and whatever cool crypto currency you’re “invested” in is just a play by the NWO to make people comfortable with digital money, as they are slowly phasing out cash, in order to achieve a totally controlled society via digital wallets, digital passports etc. 

So, the news is that Elon Musk basically crashed Bitcoin, the so-called “store of value” of the 21st century, via a series of Tweets. After harming Bitcoin’s price by tweeting on May 12 that Tesla would temporarily pause accepting it as currency, early Monday morning Elon confirmed that Tesla had not sold any of its Bitcoin. 

This is a good sign, amirite?


But why did he do it to begin with? Is Elon crazy?

Here’s the deal: many of you reading this article are probably very excited about your crypto “investment”.

 Crypto was sold to the masses under the pretext of liberating the goyim from the Central Banks’ yoke . As in, if you join the dark side and buy Bitcoin or Dogecoin or whatever, you will be liberated from the international banking system, crypto is good for everyone on Earth, it’s anonymous and all that bullshit.

Fast forward to 2021, and this is what you need to know: crypto is nothing more than glorified online gambling.

Now, when you gamble, you can make money. But you can also lose it all (see how Dogecoin just took a dive) after Musk told a joke on SNL. Crypto prices are totally unpredictable, and your “fortune” may disappear just as fast as tears in the rain. 

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If you think you can manage this highly volatile gambling environment, just go for it and speculate, try to make money and all that, it’s cool, just don’t lose your wallet password, okay?

Also, know the risks: you can get banned on exchanges and lose all your crypto for whatever reason (it happened before and it will happen again), everybody can have their crypto frozen or stolen, because “there’s a hack”, and they take all your money (don’t keep your crypto in an exchange but in a hard wallet),  a particular crypto can take a nosedive anytime and you lose everything, even if crypto is now less volatile than let’s say 3 years ago, where Bitcoin would go from 10k down to 3k in like 3 days etc.

It’s still pretty volatile, and you never know when a government regulation or banning or whatever comes into play and all bottoms out. Another important thing to be aware of is when a particular crypto is at a high number and you want to sell and cash out; if you’re selling too many coins at once you can’t liquidate it. As in: the price is at $40k right now, let’s sell my coins, and what do you know: there’s no one to buy them. People buy when there’s a dip, but you may not be able to sell it and cash out at highprice when you want to.

The thing is, you have to have somebody else wanting to buy on the day when you’re selling it. If you only sell a few hundred dollars’ worth of crypto, you’ll manage do to it instantly, but if you try to offload $50k-$200k, you might not be able to. And by the time you can sell, the price has already gone down again, and you have to sell at that price.

I’ve seen that happen to many people.  Also, when there’s a dip, they can do a margin call and ban you out of $100k, I’ve seen that happen, so before you gamble, especially with a ton of money, just make sure you know what you’re doing; this is not an automatic gravy train.

Just don’t put some money in crypto and walk away; you must watch the market all the time. 

Remember: if you try to offload too much at once, they will not let you sell it. 

And crypto is not a currency; it’s not based on labor, is based on hype, you can’t use it for anything other than the dark web. Most things will not accept crypto payments because they’re too volatile. The only purpose of crypto, the only real purpose if you’re not a criminal is to sell it for more than what you bought it for. 

It’s basically a digital beanie baby.  Just get in and out at the right time.


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