Elon Musk Tries to Take Over Twitter, Why Tho’?

by Chris Black

Look at these clueless libtards on Twitter:

Twitter doesn’t even make a profit and trades with a negative P/E.

It isn’t a new company either. The company is functionally bankrupt and is nothing more than an online water-cooler.

Yet it is worth $36 billion.

So what is the actual growth prospect?

The fact that other stocks like it trade for more money?

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Musk already violated regulations by not disclosing his position in time, causing lawsuits. There will be even more lawsuits filed after this stunt.

Musk does deserve to be in jail.

A lot of people have gone to prison for far less. Stratton Oakmont was a more legitimate business than anything helmed by Musk.

Tesla shares are up more than $50 billion on this “news” as well.

Musk can buy Twitter with his personal proceeds of three days’ worth of Tesla gains.

The absolute joke of a $1 trillion company.


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