Elon Musk warns employees Tesla’s stock could ‘get crushed like a soufflé under a sledgehammer’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is telling his employees they need to cut costs or they can kiss its lofty stock price goodbye.

Tesla (TSLA) shares have been among the best performers in 2020, rising nearly 600% through Tuesday trading, making it among the most valuable stocks in the country, worth more than any major automaker. After years of losses Tesla has now reported five straight quarters of positive net income. But in an email to employees Musk acknowledged that Tesla’s actual profit margin is fairly low, only about 1%, and that the stock price is due to investor expectations of future profits rather than recent results. “If, at any point, they conclude that’s not going to happen, our stock will immediately get crushed like a soufflé under a sledgehammer!” he wrote in the email, which was first reported by Electrek. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment about the email.


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