Email scams on the rise. Protect Yourself!

Edit because some don’t read: email sender can be spoofed. So, you can verify the sender, and still get scammed!

Just saw this article in the nypost. Amazon email scams are up 500%! And, my inbox is filling up with various phishing schemes daily.

The article is good to draw attention to it, and possible save people a lot of money and hassle. However, I noticed there was one mistake in the article and thought I would mention that here.

They claim in the article to check the sender’s email address, and make sure (in this case) the sender came from amazon.Com. While this is true, and can weed out a lot of scammers, it is important to point out that the sender’s email addresses can easily be spoofed. So, the email could actually seem legit, but the email could still be a scam.

Just be careful out there. There are tons of email scams. Some of them are really quite well done. They look exactly like the real thing, and clicking on a link could cost you a lot of problems.

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I have seen some recent ones from ups and dhl, saying they tried to deliver a package, and I wasn’t there. Click the link to reschedule. This is devious because I could be sent something and not know about it.

Also, there have been many crypto wallet scams lately. Look out for these as well, saying your meta wallet needs to be verified, or coinbase wallet etc…

Be careful.

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