Embarrassment for NBC News after Lester Holt apparently falls for North Korean propaganda

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NBC News is reeling after “Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt appears to have been badly fooled by North Korean propagandists — giving a cheery report from a ski resort in the Hermit Kingdom that looked to be bustling when it was widely known to actually be a ghost town.

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Holt — who returned early from North Korea after scathing reviews — reported for “Nightly News” from the Masikryong ski resort on Monday, a facility that is the brainchild of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and is typically empty. The resort, built to create the appearance of a prosperous nation, was largely deserted during peak 2017 ski season, according to multiple reports.

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  1. Holt is a steaming pile of fecal matter. An MSM hand puppet who can go from interviewing the President to a Dateline program which sensationalizes a murder case that happened 10 years ago all in the same day.

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