FACEBOOK wants to know who you sleep with… AMAZON store tracks your every move

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Facebook Wants To Know Who Or What You Sleep With
Facebook is reportedly asking some users who or what they are sleeping with, and it is not exactly clear why.
The social media company often asks people to provide more basic personal information to be included on their respective profiles, like gender, birthday, former schools, work history, email addresses, and even religion if one feels so inclined. But it also apparently asks some users to finish the statement “I usually sleep with…” in order “to help friends get to know you,” according to Business Insider.

AMAZON store tracks your every move
Instead of human cashiers managing checkout lines and registers, Amazon Go has automated the checkout process with sensors backed by machine learning that are watching you pick up and put away that can of soda. After swiping into the store through the company’s app, shoppers are free to take items off the shelf and leave the store without needing to take out their wallets, because the app can bill you and send a virtual receipt.

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2 thoughts on “FACEBOOK wants to know who you sleep with… AMAZON store tracks your every move

  1. They keep asking but I don’t tell. Minimum info is what they have from me and some of that might be bogus. I will tell them which hand I wipe with but thats all.

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