Escalating Real Estate Taxes Will Cause The Next Housing Crisis

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We check out the Real Estate taxes across the country at various price points for homes, and it is obvious that local and state governments have a spending problem that they expect home owners to fund through these revenue raising vehicles.

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1 thought on “Escalating Real Estate Taxes Will Cause The Next Housing Crisis

  1. You have to eliminate Ca. from all future analysis of housing & other markets. Gov. Brown delared he’s going to operate as though the Globalist NWO War Mongering Oligarchy is still in power… and will execute Agenda 21/30. Blowing up dams, starting fires & now increased local taxes are all tools of the Agenda 21ers to remove citizens from their property…. and force relocation to their metro hubs. This is also why they are pushing forward with a train project that is ludicrously expensive.
    If you want to see how you’d fare, if your home is now in an “off limits” area… google UN NWO Agenda 21 Map of the US.

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