New York City Correction Worker Arrested for Prostitution

by Amna El Tawil
A city correction department employee could see how it’s really like behind bars after she was arrested at one of Brooklyn’s motels for moonlighting as a prostitute. She set up a profile at BackPage’s dating section. Her bio reads: “Are you ready for a MEMORABLE time? Then stop here and let me give you my special touch. I’m more than sure I can send you away with a SMILE. So let’s have a nice time tonight ……. Treat yourself to an exotic beauty ….who provides quality entertainment…
The profile also features raunchy photos as well as a video of a correction worker twerking. However, her last customer turned out to be an undercover police officer who signaled for backup after she offered to have sex with him, and set a price for $120. Officers barged inside her room at the Days Inn in Sunset Park and took her into custody.
The 26-year-old is accused of offering to perform a sexual act in exchange for money to an undercover officer. She was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal court and released without bail. A department spokesman, Peter Thorne, said Smith, who earned $75,000, will be fired. He said: “We have zero tolerance for any illegal behavior on the part of staff. This employee was immediately suspended and is being terminated.”
The New York Post reports: “Sources said Smith had access to “sensitive information” in her role at the Federal Narcotics Task Force, which is comprised of several law enforcement entities.
The agencies, which include the NYPD, US Marshals, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, coordinate and share information on narcotics-related cases.”

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10 thoughts on “New York City Correction Worker Arrested for Prostitution”

  1. Damn bitch, kill her, burn her body and throw the ashes to the pigs. Why does she think she has the right to her body? Oh yeah, it’s hers.
    This is what a “christian” nation does with its morality police enforcers. We have a gay president living with a transexual man (Michael Robinson) a congress full of pedophiles and perverted creeps and a 26 year old woman trying to make a few extra bucks gets SWAT teamed. What’s sick about this picture?
    “By law, public sentiment, and religion, from the time of Moses down to the present day, woman has never been thought of as other than a piece of property, to be disposed of at the will and pleasure of man.”
    Susan B. Anthony

    • None of us own our bodies…….they can be taken away in just a blink of an eye. Dead people voted for Hillary…….they had no say in that.
      The body we are in was created and owned by GOD. All of us……men and women. Religion is not GOD.
      Morality is far better than immorality. I would rather have someone with morals watching over children than an individual who is immoral and would sexually abuse them.
      Some people choose to live in a sewer and be immoral……..moral people choose not to.

      • Your arrogance to think that people who don’t believe in god are immoral is ridiculous.
        Prior to the creation of the male dominated church state there is no archeological evidence of armies, no short swords, heros graves, or war glorification. Life was lived in an egalitarian way (equal rights) for thousands of years. The god myth is used by men to control humans and dominate women through fear.
        Faith isn’t fact.

        • Christians….real Christians……are moral beings.
          Your argument is not with me but with GOD……and guess what……you lose every time you argue with HIM.
          It is a fool that says there is no GOD…..and you are indeed one of the biggest.

          • Why is it you so called christians resort to name calling when asked a simple question about evidence of its existance?
            Can you offer me just one, itsie, bitsie piece of evidence of its existance? No, you can’t so you will turn to insults and talking down and using scripture instead. Who is being foolish here?

          • There are none so blind as those who will not see.
            The existence of GOD is everywhere. You do not see it because GOD has allowed you to be deceived….
            I do not call you a name……I actually feel very badly for you as you are of the lost. I use the actual WORDS of GOD and you reject them. That is OK as you are given a choice by GOD Himself. GOD does not want robots that blindly have to love HIM.
            I will never believe what you believe but I guarantee that you will believe what I believe one day very soon.
            I dare you to watch this video…….

          • Naw, you are too mind controlled to carry on any more discussion. None of you can provide any pragmatic, not emotional or faith based evidence because there is none. You resort to quoting scripture and hiding. You can’t even consider any of the truth, not myth, that 8’ve presented. Bye.

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