Estimatet 100k protestors at anti covid rally in Winterthur, Switzerland

Today a estimatet number of 100’000 people rallied against covid tiranny in Winterthur, Switzerland.

For a small country like Switzerland this is absolutely huge!Even if they were less than 100’000.

So the guy in the video films aprox 30min. then his phone accu is down.He claims a lot more protestors than he filmed.

I watched a live stream i estimatet maybe 50’000, what is still huge.

The protest was 100% peacefull.
No police violence.

I feel this could be the turning point.
Really hope so!


Msm can’t no more blame us as a stupid minority.
The movement grows so fast, people of every social classes
are part of it. No one cares about politics anymore.

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Great speeches have been done today.
Even more people are going to wake up.

So what are the msm and politicians etc. are going to do now?

I mean obviously they are about to fail the sinister objectiv.

In other words, it feels great what is happening now.

But i wonder what they will try to pull out off the hat next
to continue this utter bullshit.

All over the world more and more people wake up and resist.

Absolutely nice!


h/t lol79


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