Evergrande Crisis Out Of Control! Billions of People Could Face a Systemic Banking Crash Soon

Evergrande crisis indicates that the magnitude of its impending financial collapse will be even greater than anticipated.

The main event is not the bankruptcy of Evergrande, but the domino effect it will create on the global markets. For example, Fidelity, UBS, HSBC, PIMCO, Blackrock, Allianz, and other players are connected to Evergrande. They are the top funds with the highest exposure to Evergrande bonds in the entire world.

Those who think the danger has passed and the Evergrande crisis will cool down are gravely mistaken. With the Evergrande Group’s attempt to sell a major stake of their property services unit falling through, the crisis is spiraling out of control.

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In today’s financial argument video, while analyzing the Evergrande crisis in full detail, I explain the risk of a possible global banking crisis and how it will trigger a worldwide real estate market crash.

00:00 | Evergrande crisis will create a banking crash
00:43 | Evergrande isn’t the only one affected
02:26 | Will China bail out Evergrande?
03:11 | The few scapegoat banks
03:45 | “Three red lines”: Xi Jinping’s plan
05:38 | The Chinese real estate bubble
06:18 | The Chinese real estate crash didn’t come out of nowhere
07:11 | The Chinese property market is worth $60 trillion
07:54 | China’s household debt continued to rise rapidly
08:15 | China’s ghost cities
09:24 | The Australian Central Bank’s crash warnings
09:50 | A market crash is possible
10:31 | Hold on tight to your physical gold and silver


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