Everything is about to change. This “reality” is only temporary.

by StonkBrothers2021

Things cannot go on like that. Nothing is sustainable anymore.

We are used to trading our most valuable resource which gets more and more valuable (time), for a reasource which gets less and less valuable (money). Only a small percentage of people can progress in life under those circumstances.

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Home prices keep rising, as interest rates are up. But it is not so much due to the price of steel, cement, labor and energy. It is the construction companies that are doubling down, trying to be profitable, while the interest on their debts is rising, and people are getting poorer and poorer.

The soil gets more and more depleted, getting less and less fertile, while the world’s population keeps growing. Same with energy, the labor market…it’s everywhere! The return on investment is already negative, all we have is debt and nothing is sustainable. We are so past the law of diminishing returns (the returns are nagative), but we still refuse to admit we are never going back to normal. And everyone pretends we are still in the same old paradigm.

FIAT does not matter anymore. Soon enough, nothing superficial that we used to value as a society won’t matter one bit. Social status, clothes, cars, how does your partner look, or if you have any, how many likes you had on your new social media post, where did you go on vacation. All the dumb bullshit people have been slaves to will evaporate, and only what is of real value will remain. It will be scary, but it is inevitable.


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