The sheeple of the EU are going to get exactly what they deserve for letting this Keynesian fraudster destroy the value of their currency, and their quality of life.

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by Boo_Randy

Christine Lagarde’s statement about how the ECB will shrink its balance sheet should scare the bajeebers out of humanity. She said, “It will come. It will come. In due course.” “How????” “It will come.” She has no clue how to get out of this inflationary disaster!

BOHICA time, UK motorists & consumers. Soaring diesel prices are going to be tacked on to transportation costs, making everything you buy more expensive. Central banks can’t print diesel.

Petrol and diesel prices at UK pumps soared to record highs on Wednesday, piling pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to help people cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

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Diesel at the pump hit 181.52 pence ($2.29) a liter on Wednesday, meaning a full tank of the fuel is almost £100, according to the RAC motoring organization. Unleaded petrol rose to 170.62 pence, also a fresh record.





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