Everything Joe Biden has done is a miserable failure and worse

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Surrendered to terrorists
Abandoned Americans
Abandoned Allies
Lost war
Turned over billions in weapons to terrorists
Turned over millions of dollars to terrorist.
Caused death of 13 US soldiers
Caused death of hundreds and possibly thousands of Afghanistan
Killed children and adults in no urgent drone strike
Abandoned secure border.
Allowed illegal aliens to cross border
Caused migrants including children to be abused, raped and killed
Spread Covid across the nation by bussing and flying sick migrants to ities across the land.
Allowed unvetted criminals to cross our border that have killed, raped and stolen from American citizens.
Allowed traitorous General to remain as Chairman
Demoralized and subverted UCMJ and military discipline by allowing insubordinate officers to commit treason with no repercussions.
Allowed Russia to build pipeline while destroying US energy independence.

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Biden’s Crisis Of Leadership On The Border

12. In response, Biden has repeatedly tried to gaslight the American people about the seriousness of the crisis.

Biden refused to recognize a crisis exists.
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insisted that he doesn’t think a crisis exists.
Press Secretary Jen Psaki also falsely claimed there is no crisis.
13. When Biden finally admitted there is a “crisis that ended up on the border,” the White House then insisted that is not their official position in a completely insane walk-back, and that “children coming to our border… is not a crisis.”

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14. Biden still does not have any plans to visit the border.

15. Kamala Harris laughed when she was asked if she would visit the border, and still has not visited the border even after being named Biden’s crisis manager.

Border Officials Struggle To Cope With Biden’s Disastrous Agenda

16. The Biden administration is releasing some illegal immigrants caught crossing the border without a court notice, and sometimes without any paperwork at all.

17. Border facilities are “stretched beyond thin” because of the crisis.

18. The Donna, Texas facility, one of the few facilities exempted from Biden’s media blackout, is at more than 16 times its capacity. Even Dr. Fauci admitted that packed crowds of migrant children is a “major concern.”

19. To deal with the surge, the Pentagon was forced to approve multiple military bases to house unaccompanied migrant children.

Biden Is Doubling Down On His Border Failures

20. Biden is restricting media access at the border to hide the true extent of the crisis and dodge accountability. When asked why his administration is denying press access, Biden conceded he is purposefully waiting to provide transparency at border facilities.

21. Instead of reversing course, Biden has doubled down on his failing open borders policies.

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22. Biden has even removed civil penalties for illegal immigrants for a “failure-to-depart.”

Biden’s Anti-Energy Agenda Is Destroying Jobs

23. Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which could destroy anywhere between 400,000 and 2.7 million jobs.

24. On day one, Biden abandoned Keystone XL pipeline workers, forcing thousands into unemployment with the stroke of a pen. American


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