Ex-CIA Agent Mike Morell Says North Korea Threat Is NOW – They Have Nuclear Weapons That Can Hit The United States.

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by Pamela Williams
Ex-CIA Agent Mike Morell gives rare interview with CBS:   www.cbsnews.com/news/north-korea-nuclear-threat-what-kim-jong-un-is-trying-to-accomplish/

The Country of North Korea has nuclear weapons right now that can reach the continental United States.  Mike Morell is an Ex-CIA Agent, who is telling us the NK threat is NOW.  He said that North Korea is testing President Donald Trump to see what the Country can get from the United States.  He talked of the fact that President Obama ignored Kim Jong Un, and that is the best way to handle him.  That is in my opinion not worked, and that treatment of Jong Un has led to where we are now.  
But what is the answer?  Morell says the only help we have would be from China.  That is a little too late, too, as China has a vessel on the trail of our ship the USS Carl Vinson headed toward the Korean Peninsula as we speak.  
In an interview with CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy on Friday, North Korea’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Han Song Ryol, accused the Trump administration of wanting to “annihilate” the regime and said they are ready to launch a “pre-emptive strike” if the U.S. threatens to attack their country. He also said their nuclear program was non-negotiable. 
So judging from the words of North Korea’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, it sounds like Kim is terrified we will strike North Korea.  He has cried wolf so long to the US, he has gotten used to doing that and being ignored.  For the first time, President Trump is showing him that the United States is taking him seriously, as we should.  I know that Mike Morell knows what he is talking about, and I had heard rumors that NK could hit the US, but until now I did not believe that for a fact.
So we are on the brink of war, and I pray that our government knows what it is doing.  As we speak Vice-President Pence and his wife are on the Korean Peninsula.  He was in Air Force Two when Kim fired the nuclear missile, so you can imagine how tense it was for the Pences.  Praise God the missile blew up as it was fired.  VP Pence made himself clear when he said the NK situation must be dealt with now, and he told the South Korean people that President Trump intended to do that.
Morell said it was a mistake that the Trump Administration deployed an aircraft carrier near the Korean Peninsula this week, which he says is making it worse.   Morell went on to say:
“We’re raising the crisis. It’s best to just ignore this guy, and to deter him from ever using these weapons or selling them, and to build our defenses,” Morell added.
Morell stressed that the North’s nuclear capabilities were a current threat.
“They have nuclear weapons. They’ve tested nuclear weapons five times, a number of times successfully. They have short range and medium range ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching their targets. They have deployed an [intercontinental ballistic missile] that’s capable of reaching the continental United States…that they’ve never tested. And we think they’ve had enough time to make a nuclear weapon to a missile,” Morell said. “So the threat is now. It’s not two years from now or five years from now. It is now.”
So just what is Morell saying to us?  The threat is now.  But don’t do anything…just ignore the mad man of North Korea?  He is talking out of both sides of his CIA mouth.  I guess he is trained to do that.
And as far as our help from China, they supposedly tried to get NK to not conduct missile tests this past weekend or face stronger sanctions, it made no impact on North Korea.   So now we have a Chinese ship and a Russian ship trailing our ship all headed to NK.
Morell ended the interview this way:
“If you’re going to squeeze North Korea economically, China has to do it because China is 80 percent of their trade. But there’s two issues here: One is China’s willingness to squeeze them. China fears an unstable nuclear-armed North Korea more than they fear a nuclear-armed North Korea. They don’t want to bring about instability. The Chinese keep on making that point,” Morell said. “And the second issue is, even if they did squeeze them, their ability, even if they did squeeze them, would North Korean behavior change? I doubt it.”
In conclusion, my guess is this will not end well for any of us.
President Trump holds a Joint Press Conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on April 12, 2017. Trump speaks on Russia, China, North Korea and future relationships between countries. This is the compact version of Trump’s press conference with General Stoltenberg on 4/12/17!

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13 thoughts on “Ex-CIA Agent Mike Morell Says North Korea Threat Is NOW – They Have Nuclear Weapons That Can Hit The United States.

      • What does the CIA do?
        If he’s making sense, he just is using the right propaganda for the right demographic.
        If you know your source is untrustworthy, it has to be verified by other sources less totally corrupt, or controlled, or designed to subvert you.
        Think, if what he says is true, what would that make me do and react? Assess if that’s reasonable. Is their evidence for it?

        • I know that Mike Morell is a murderer, who has helped invade Libya and helped Hillary Clinton in all her evil deeds. He is involved with every evil we can think of. Now he is a analyst for CBS, and for that part he knows the situation in North Korea. We all do. We know that nuclear warfare is a reality that we are dealing with right now. That is a bottom line that has nothing to do with Mike Morell’s background at this point.

  1. No such animal as ex-alphabet agency. This is more fear based controlled opposition shillwork. Been saying this for many weeks now, the “look here, no here” misdirection is keeping the masses focused on the wrong things, or from their perspective, the right ones.

    • Jeez, do you guys think this situation in the Korean Peninsula is not real? Of course, it is real. Ask the guys on the Carl Vinson if it is real, or ask the South Korean people. Sometimes you guys with all of your worldly knowledge are only thinking behind the scenes at the world stage. You forget about the peons who are watching in the audience, who will be blown up if those who have set the stage planted a bomb in the front row of the audience. For some it is real, and it can cost them a limb or their ability to see or speak. There are two worlds here colliding: the globalists and the masses. The masses have no underground bunker cities to go to. They are exposed working their jobs, raising their kids, and they don’t have the information you guys have. But they are flesh and blood, and they are exposed to this warfare.

      • We are saying the narrative to the situation is false. Just show us evidence we can independently confirm, that is all that’s needed from proven liars.

        • Jeff, what matters at this point is:
          1. Is NK firing off nuclear capable missiles that have the potential to provocate war or harm others??
          2. If so, what do we do about it?
          3. Do we have the USS Carl Vinson on its way to the Korean Peninsula?
          4. Do we have ships from Russia and China behind them?
          5. Could we be going into World War III?
          6. Should the American people be ready for this?

      • Your heartfelt comment is keeping you from seeing the larger picture my friend. How many years did we cower in fear of war with the Soviet Union? How many years now has the “Iran is the evil ones about to kill us” meme go on with yet again no attack.
        WE and Israel are the terrorists of the world. 1000 bases worldwide, millions of innocents murdered in the Mid East. How do they get away with this carage? Through deception, the Zionist owned media lies about everything using buzz words like “dictator” and “terrorist” to achieve mind control over the masses.
        “Sometimes you guys with all of your worldly knowledge are only thinking behind the scenes at the world stage. ”
        Those of us who can still think with sovereign minds and critical thinking skills understand how to put the puzzle pieces together. With a broad knowledge base of psychcology, history, etc. we can see the operant conditioning at work and attempt to share this but often, like you are, we get challenged as being the bad guys and gals.
        This is mind control at the highest level. Re read 1984 for a clue. Look at the EVIDENCE not theory of the false flags of 9/11, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Columbine, etc. and understand that these sociopaths are RELENTLESS in their pathological behavior to complete an agenda of power, control and dominance of the world. It is the death of a thousand cuts Casara and as we bleed out our nation is slipping into a coma of disbelief, denial and hopelessness.

        • Joe, I have one foot in your world and one foot in the deception. I know the world of blood and guts that the globalists lead us into, and they sit back and watch as our guys are bleeding and dying in the fields of war. I read and know your world, but I have lived in the field of blood and guts. While you are bleeding out, a book means nothing unless it is the Bible.

    • Joe, are we looking at nukes here? What do the masses need to be focused on right now? Should they know that we might have a war on our hands this week? Should they prepare and stock up now on what they can? Or should they be dreaming of puppy dog tails and rainbows?

      • “What do the masses need to be focused on right now? ”
        How to change things within their grasp…attend city and county meetings, school boards, anything on Agenda 21 or water and land usage. Take the cell phones from their children and sing and dance and talk with them.
        “Should they prepare and stock up now on what they can? Or should they be dreaming of puppy dog tails and rainbows?”
        If they hsven’t prepared by now it is too late. We hsve been warning people to prepare for these sort of events, even if it is a week or two of chalkenge and constantly get called conspiracy theorists. As to your “puppy dog” jibe I hope it wasn’t meant to be ugly. After all my bloghing here you should have developed some respect for an elder.

        • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c42781154c6d77ed612ed26e10409e88c9597b67d9967c325d80c38ca955dcc.jpg It was meant to be descriptive of daydreams and playthings. It is not the time for daydreams and playthings, as you know my background as an EMT would not call for that in a situation of imminent danger and chaos. Right now, regardless of the cause, we must be aware of the effect of this crisis between our Country and North Korea…and, oh, don’t forget China and Russia. Joe, as you know I believe the Bible is prophecy that has been put in words to guide mankind through the times upon Earth particularly Armageddon. I believe this is Armageddon, and I feel it is very important to the human being but even more to the soul of that being to understand the signs and the outcome of what we are experiencing. If one has followed the Bible and events in that Bible with their own intuition, they may understand that this was going to happen. It is the final show down between Satanists (globalists) and those who believe in a higher power/Creator/Source/God. It is a real spiritual battle and a flesh and blood battle, too. I knew from the moment as a child who knew God existed that I would fight this battle in some way. That is what I am doing right now. Understand I understand what you are saying, but do you understand what I am saying?

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