Ramblings of Pre-World War III…Not Looking Good…Plus, US And South Korea Agree To Activate Missile System Early – Defying Russia And China.

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by Pamela Williams
I have been on a forum for the last hour.  The below are comments that may be leading up to World War III.  Some day we may look back and realize that today we looked World War III in the face.  Is this for real?  I hope not._____________________________________________________________________
Breaking News‏ @BreakingNLive 9s10 seconds ago
BREAKING: #USA to send 2 additional aircraft carriers to #NorthKorea Carriers Ronald Reagan And Nimitz
THIS is REAL, folks…prepare
Al Boe‏ @AlBoeNEWS 19 min.
JUST IN: North Korea UN Ambassador says “nuclear war may break out at any moment” – @NickBryantNY
EndGameShow‏ @EndGameShowWW3 9 min.
BREAKING: North Korea says nuclear war could break out at ‘ANY MOMENT’ due to US
[link to www.express.co.uk]
The most immediate concern for all of us states side is the FACT that our financial system CANNOT stand even a mild systemic shock..
We cant even have a bank go bust, never mind a second Korean War!
All those cargo ships that travel the Pacific? Nope. That will stop FAST
That means Walmart shelves are empty…Costco…etc..
Major MAJOR financial disruption.
Kim will fight back.
will Russia-China jump in?
The potential economic doom ALONE should have everybody topping off preps. If you’re up north like me get your Firewood NOW don’t wait till Fall!
Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea attack
[link to twitter.com (secure)]
Since the US deployed the anti-missile defense system – the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THADD) to South Korea – Russia and China have been ablaze with anger.
South Korea allowing the US to deploy the volatile THADD in their backyard is similar to a national security threat to Russia and China.  If the shoe were on the other foot, and THADD was deployed in Mexico by China and Russia, the US would view it as military aggression.
Of course, the US has been alarmed by North Korea’s continuous threats, not to mention South Korea…and we have our military in South Korea….we have to protect our interests.  
THADD is defined as an anti-ballistic missile system designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate ballistic missiles in their terminal phase.
Despite the objections of China and Russia, seemingly, the US and South Korea have agreed to speed up the deployment, installation, and activation of THADD.
I mean….seriously, we are at the brink of World War III!
South Korea’s YONHAP NEWS AGENCY is reporting the decision to activate THADD early came during talks between the acting South Korean President Hwang Kyo Ahn and the US VP Mike Pence.  Pence is now in South Korea for talks amid rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
Pence was on Air Force Two with his wife when North Korea blasted a missile into the sky yesterday.  One can only imagine how frightening that was for the couple.
President Trump said he was ready to confront NK over its nuclear program, and please tell me how the US can do anything else?
The is a dire situation, and I don’t remember any worse in my lifetime.  I truly believe we are closing in on World War III.  I hope I am wrong.


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Published on Apr 15, 2017
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U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is due in Seoul on Sunday for a three-day visit.
South Korea’s foreign ministry says Pence will meet with Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn and National Assembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun and hold talks with local business leaders.
He’s expected to end a clear message on the strength of the South Korea-U.S. alliance and on joint efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and provocations.
Pence is also expected to bring up the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system amid China’s ongoing economic retaliation against Seoul.


19 thoughts on “Ramblings of Pre-World War III…Not Looking Good…Plus, US And South Korea Agree To Activate Missile System Early – Defying Russia And China.

  1. Well, like you say, there’s not much to choose. China’s fault–and somewhat Obama’s–for playing double games encouraging the schmuck.

    • The choice is simple…Mind your own bizz for a change. In the eyes of Americans everybody is wrong…American Govt seem to have a beef with all. Cracking heads at home. Wars in the ME, Africa. Messing things up in EU, Ukraine, the Baltics and South America. Russia, China and Iran are bad just because Americans say so. And now Americans are causing trouble in Asia. Is there any place on earth left that Americans don’t have a beef with? Why can’t Americans just wake up and protest for peace instead of gender BS, which toilet to use?

      • Gender BS soundly rejected. More dangerous to simply ‘mind your own business’ in a world largely populated by politicalla retarded types like, for example, Chinese and Russians.

        • Do explain your politicalia retarded types…? Then do explain what makes America not wanting to mind their own bizz but always eager to go to war?

          • You don’t know history very well–never looked at Russia or China, for example?–so we can’t have a rational dialogue. I mean this helpfully.

          • I do know my history quite well I actually like it…but I live in the present. And the present tells me Americans are acting like criminals. Since 1776 to present Americans have always been looking for reasons to kill. War is part of their history. It is always easy to talk about others but blind to its own wrongdoings. In 2017 Americans are still messing things up for the rest of us. I would agree with you though…rational dialogue is impossible with people that live in the past. It’s 2017 old man. Look at what Americans are doing now. It isn’t good!

        • MAGA agree but not through wars but by fixing what’s wrong at home first..America should; Repair its schools. Improve its roads. Improve Amtrak. Take care of its veterans. Increase its teachers salaries. Bring its soldiers back by closing its 800 bases in over 160 countries. Provide food and shelters to its homeless. Provide clean water to its people first. If America keeps on going like this the homeland will suffer.

          • The ‘homeland’ will suffer even more ‘disrepair’ , upset the timetable permanently if the mad, fat psycho is left to his own devices and manages to land an atomic device on your naive head.

          • You speak like a brainwashed individual. How many countries did North Korea, attacked, invaded, regime changed, lied to go to war? Now try this question about america. What gives the right to Americans to go around the world and dictate their policies with bombs? If you haven’t noticed yet, the general public is more worried about America acting crazy than North-Korea. The world has had enough of your crimes. The time will come when America will fall and no one will be there to help. Let that sink in. Let you not forget also America is the only country that has used two A-bombs on civilians. On civilians, how brave was that..But do remember this if you have the brain for it…The world will never forget nor forgive America’s crimes against humanity.

          • Your–can you spell ‘ignorant’?– lack of balanced historical perspectve is still showing, altho you get full marks for hysterical perspective. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were major military centers. The Japs killed 10 million civilians in China (a major reason for the American oppostion), terrorized the Western Pacific–rape and infamy–but that is lost in the ‘ethics’ of creeps like you. Find a safe space where others of your ilk enjoy dumping on themselves.

          • You call me ignorant and yet you didn’t answer any of my questions. As for history. You seem to know close to nothing about it. Maybe you know what America wants you to know about history. We non Americans call that propaganda history or brainwashed history. Also Lol…can you spell opposition? Come on man. Don’t come with-“Can you spell …” when you make (Spelling/Typing) mistakes yourself. Have a good day…

          • Talk to your mom or dad–they might want to help if they know anything. I mean this helpfully. Right now you’re a poor (possibly self) deluded creep.

  2. There’s plenty the US could do to defuse the situation in N. Korea, beginning with negotiating a peace treaty to end the Korean War. Hostilities in that pointless and horrific conflict ended 64 years ago, but still no treaty, so Korea remains divided into North and South. However, in all these years, the US has refused to come to the negotiating table. Instead, it keeps 50,000 troops in South Korea, which is essentially a colony of ours. And why shouldn’t N. Korea have nuclear weapons, when so many other countries do too? When you have nukes, you’re much less likely to be attacked by the US, which keeps playing war games with SOKO on NOKO’s doorstep, continually threatening the North Koreans. Right now, of course, in mid-April 2017, the US has parked an armada outside Kim’s door, daring him to test another nuclear weapon in his own country, and if he does, we just might annihilate every living soul north of the demilitarized zone, which could bring China into nuclear confrontation with the US, followed by Russia. And thus an Endgame for arrogant, imbecilic humanity, worthy of Samuel Beckett.

    • I did not think there was a chance to avoid war in this situation, but you have clearly presented other valid options. Thank you.

  3. America, the “MASTERBLASTER” from the movie “Thunderdome” a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves …….. If Israel could provoke nuclear apocalypse between America&Russia …..and China ….. BY WAY OF DECEPTION…. Israel would be the ONLY NUCLEAR ARMED SUPERPOWER left………

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