Is There a Brooding War Between America and North Korea?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
Recent events have indicated that tension between the United States and North Korea are rapidly manifesting. Following the drop of the MOAB on Thursday, speculations have arose as to whether or not North Korea will attempt to create a nuclear-birthed missile with the capacity to strike American mainlands. President Trump warned North Korea to “behave,” and Vice President Pence declared that North Korea would do well not to “test his (President Trump’s) resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region.” Quite frankly, it would be in the best interests of both America and North Korea to ‘behave.’ An excellent first step would be cease launching missiles at countries that have not attacked the United States.

North Korea responded to deterrents from the President and Vice President by stating that America morphed the Korean peninsula into “the world’s biggest hotspot” and asserting the United States as responsible for engendering a situation that could result in a thermonuclear war. Earlier today, North Korean officials announced that the situation was “nearing the brink of war,” and made it abundantly clear that if Washington makes ‘the slightest movement’ to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea, Pyongyang will strike first and mercilessly.
America should take North Korea’s cautionary alert very seriously. Better yet, America should stop launching missiles at places that have not attacked us. Both Republicans and Democrats seem to have a knack for getting the nation into unnecessary and preventable wars. War should only be a last resort when other options cease to exist. Launching air missiles is the fastest way to generate conflict, tension, and animosity where there could have been alliance and amicability. Bombing countries is not a demonstration of strength; it is the epitome of arrogance, recklessness, and stupidity that will engender dire, fatal offshoots.

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7 thoughts on “Is There a Brooding War Between America and North Korea?

  1. So your take on this is that we the United States should not attack primary military targets in the Middle East for fear of a reprisal from North Korea?
    This will come as a complete surprise to you, I know. But there are people on this earth who understand ONLY power,aggression and violence. They cannot be made friends with, they cannot be given enough concessions and the more you try the weaker you appear to them.
    This was at the core of the last administrations complete and abject failure in foreign policy.

      • Soooo I’m guessing you feel our invasion of Normandy was completely ill advised and reckless?
        I am not a “War Monger” and hate all politicians in general, but many years of faithful military service to this great nation has seen me travel all over the globe and meet many different peoples. This has taught me the necessity of our position as a calming force in turbulent areas as well as the ineffectiveness of a completely Nationalistic Defensive Posture of our military assets.
        I might suggest that you study US military history, but keep a watchful eye on self serving politicians like the Clintons and their involvement in Libya.
        A gun is neither good or bad, it just is.
        Same goes for our Military, depending on the orders history will judge if the actions taken were appropriate.

        • Dude. A US President can use the War Powers Act to defend US interests.
          No gassing of Syrians by anyone, qualifies the President to use military force, PERIOD. Judge Napolitano says the same thing.
          President Trump can be impeached, because he did a specifically unconstitutional act, and now is a war criminal, because he violated international law and custom by making an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation… depending on US power able to be brought to the ICC (US shill criminal court) at the Hague.
          You’re talking out your butt.
          Btw, when you attack something, and you want to seem tough, actually destroy it. I’ve seen both China and Russia unimpressed but the attack. Which include the MOAB drop on the CIAs tunnel system in Afghanistan. First 36 ppl, then no, it was bigga, 90 ppl, now at least 500 people AND SANTA. Not Santa!
          Can you tell the difference between a bully showing weakness and a bully showing strength?

  2. It might be noted that above the 150,000 Chinese troops moved to the border of NK, the Chinese have moved alot of missile defense systems as well.
    The Russians have moved a large number of both people and personnel as well.
    “Russia has reportedly moved weapons towards Vladivostok, just eight miles from the border with North Korea.”
    The war will be on, between the US/Japan v NK/China/Russia NOW.
    The US is in checkmate. If they attack they lose. Furthermore, if Trump fails with his attack on NK, he gets impeached shortly thereafter. The more he delays, the longer he gives Fat boy and sister who controls NK the chance to get nukes closer to Hawaii, and the California unconventionally. Time is now on NK side, not the US.
    All hail, globalist Pense! Another velvet mafioso in a church going wrapper.

    • While I agree we should NOT attack, I believe the Chinese are working WITH us on this one.
      Sending back shiploads of coal to buy from US source puts an economic damper on the NK interests.
      Also, Dropping a MOAB in Afghanistan IS defending US interests as we are still deployed there. Semantics for lawyers to squabble over.
      As for the Missile salvo on the Syrian Airbase, You only want to destroy something if destroying something is the goal. Sending a message (most likely with Putin’s support) to NK by way of Syria is a huge bold political statement by this administration. I outlined 7 reasons this strike was a terrific move by Trump elsewhere, so I won’t go into the specifics here, but suffice to say, while sipping Anold Palmers with the Chinese President he made one wopper of an impression.
      All that you have pointed out is in the local headlines, my feeling is that if you look at the bigger picture with Putin and Jiping and Trump all on the same sheet of music, they all get to “save face” they all get to increase military spending and really the only loser is NK which is exactly what needs to happen.
      we seem to agree mostly so good luck and have a great week!

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