Ex-CIA Operative Robert Steele Wants To Warn President Trump Of What Is Coming On May 1, 2017 – Steps He Should Take For Survival.

by Pamela Williams
Ex-CIA Operative and writer Robert Steele has written a memo to President Trump warning him of what he needs to prepare for. He says a “violent American spring” is being planned for May 1, 2017. He says there will be 10s of millions of paid agitators, who will cause massive chaos in the streets of America. By the way Robert Steele is highly respected and vetted.
It is surprising who Steele is warning Trump against in this video. He says that Dick Cheney is trying to overthrow President Trump. Of course, we knew that there are many trying to overthrow Trump, but this is the first time I have heard of Cheney. He goes on to warn him of a major player, John Brennan, ex-CIA Director. He says John Brennan is the major culprit of the war against Trump. We knew of George Soros, but Cheney and Brennan are new culprits.
Steele says there are 70% of the public which Soros does not own, and Trump needs to reach these people. He believes Trump needs to create his own TV channel, and sit down with the American people for a few minutes each day. Further, he says he has tried to reach Trump, but he is deeply isolated. He is reaching out to Trump to ask him to meet with him, Jessie Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kusinich, and Ralph Nader. I totally agree with President Trump meeting with these people, as to my knowledge they are all working for the people of the United States and no against them.
Here is the webpage of Robert Steele, which lists he credentials.
Steele has written a memo to President Trump you can read at:
I will quote some of it here, but I hope you will read it.

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WARNING: You have 30 days to settle the country. A violent American Spring looms.
You are under attack on three fronts:
The Extreme Left & the controlled fake news MSM
US Neo-Conservatives led by Dick Cheney, funded by foreigners
The Deep State of entrenched senior officials combined with Senators and Representatives being blackmailed and bribed to betray the Republic.
You are not under attack from Iran or Russia all your existential fights are right here.
There are four things you need to do immediately in order to survive:
Switch out Preibus and Flynn smart choices for the transition, they are undermining you now, Tillerson and Mattis probably agree they both need to go. You need a loyal Chief of Staff who can manage complexity, and a National Strategy Advisor with balance.
Introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 and demand that it go through this is the only way you will survive the looming demise of the Republican Party; the only way you legitimize your accidental 27% presidency with a majority of the public; and the only way you free Members from foreign and financial community bribery and blackmail.
Create the non-profit educational Trump Channel backed up by an Open Source Agency. Clear the existing press area in the White House, turn that into Trump Studios, and offer a daily fireside chat as well as short daily briefs by your principals in turn on each threat, each policy, each budget bypass the fake news media, educate the public, and use PollMole to see what 200 million think on a Presidential Dashboard.
Unleash the FBI, with NSA support, against the Deep State. You may have already started this, the Republican and Democratic Party pedophiles are the Achilles heel. We can isolate 500 other embedded traitors (financial, religious, ideological) in 90 days.
There are four things you can do to be the greatest President in modern history.
Diversify your senior team adding Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura in some capacity will strangle the extreme left and open up the middle. Take your diversified team on the road 50 states in 30 days.
Organize a Grand Strategy Summit, televised for public consumption the ultimate reality show. The last one was done in 1953 by Ike Eisenhower. Address all high level threats and all Cabinet policy domains in context of achieving a balanced budget.
Organize a Revenue Summit, televised for public consumption, in which you invite Dr. Edgar Feige of Wisconsin to brief his idea of an Automated Payment Transaction Tax that allows you to eliminate all other taxes, especially income taxes. This fractional tax puts the tiny burden where it should be: on Wall Street instead of Main Street. Allow the public to scrutinize the alternatives you have been considering. You will be a hero.
Invite every citizen in debt to sign a Debt Renunciation Pledge on a non-profit website, authorizing you to negotiate, on their behalf, a reduction of the three trillion dollars in student debt, elderly medical debt, and small business and family credit card debt. This will connect you to 150 million or more citizens and empower you against Wall Street.

In conclusion, I do not know what else to say.  You have to admit that Robert Steele has many new ideas for President Trump to ponder, but it does not look like has long to do it.  I pray for our Country and for President Trump.


21 thoughts on “Ex-CIA Operative Robert Steele Wants To Warn President Trump Of What Is Coming On May 1, 2017 – Steps He Should Take For Survival.”

  1. Fk it, play doh people want war with armed men. Okie dokie, let’s do this. We don’t hold handguns sideways.
    Who is supposed to be afraid of bat wielders to a gun fight? Are you serious? Let’s see what happens to the “knock out game” participants (hate crimes allowed by our government to the old and frail white people) when they try that shit on men.

  2. What Steele says about Soros sounds pretty believable. Soros is a walking dead man. He’s crossed the line even for the illuminati, because Soros has been fully exposed. the illuminati are still in the shadows and if anything, they mast be “fake news” Soros is a real “Chasser” like Tony Montana says. It’s a Yiddish word for “pig.” See, the guy, he wants more than what he needs. He don’t fly straight no more.

    • You are right. Soros is mentally lost…he is evil no doubt, but he has crossed the line in the evil world of the Illuminati. Now he has Putin after him…he won’t be a liability very long. He will be a worthless piece of meat the way he views mankind.

  3. Excellent, great, fantastic, wonderful it is about time to see the US Empire go down in flame. Let Americans enjoy, have a taste at their own color revolution, Humanitarian Aid, democracy regime change, CIA covert operations atrocities for a change. The world needs a break from those war criminals. I give my full support!

    • I know where you are coming from, and I understand your anger. However, this is where I was born and raised. I love my Country, and I am a good person. I have never really hurt anyone, and I have a close walk with God. I do not want to see a coup or a civil war, but if that is what it takes to rid my country of hell on earth, pedophilia, and true evil…I am ready. The Lord has told me to get ready, because the time of Lucifer is almost over. However, it is not over yet, as he gave Lucifer, his fallen angel a certain amount of time on Earth, and there are yet days to go. The Lord is crying as he watches his children suffer, and He wants us to know that.

        • Clau, I thank you for that. It means so much to me. But I am here for the fight, and I have Cherokee ancestors that hid in these hills successfully during the 1838 removal in North Carolina. They survived, and they now make up the Eastern Band of the Cherokee in Cherokee, NC. I will be here until I die, and then my ashes l feed the land. My ancestors would have never run, and I know God will be right here with me. Then, when I am hit, and I go down….I am certain my spirit will fly home.

    • The enemy of the world is the Illuminati – Luciferians/Satanists, the UN, Bilderbergers, and primarily the top Illuminati family – Rothschilds, who have funded both sides of all major wars for centuries.
      Why do you think there’s so much talk about “fake news”? The Rothschild family owns Reuters and AP, and Rothchild-created Zionists own the US media. Check out the rating of US freedom of the press compared to the EU and the rest of the world.
      US citizens are by far the most brainwashed population of any nation.
      Check out standing armies versus mercenaries; Zionist Illuminati have destroyed economies and created destitute populations around the world to create a supply of armed prostitutes willing to fight their wars to survive. The US population doesn’t control the US – Rothschilds own 80% of the land in Israel and own a controlling interest in the US fed.

    • Jace, I don’t know where you live, but you must be very sheltered. We are experiencing too much evil being perpetuated by criminals and pedophiles. It is real, and it is horrific.

  4. This ex-CIA man Robert Steele has some very good ideas for Trump to protect himself from traitorous acts with his own party and beyond. Steele destroys much of his own credibility when he asks Trump to include people like Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader. The first two have become nutball conspiracy zealots, Jesse is locked into a vanity lawsuit on whether some ex-Seal knocked him out in a bar. I have lost most my respect for Jesse since he began this campaign of harrassment toward the widow of this Seal,
    McKinney is a well known race baiter and hater of white people who doesn’t seem to think before she speaks publicly. Nader has his own agenda, his Socialist leanings, and is best left in the history books of Bureaucratic Overeach. I don’t know what to say in reference to his claims about Dick Cheney. Mr. Cheney is a very old and feeble man who could go at any time. I just don’t see him as being a major Mover or Shaker at this point in his life.
    Steele is probably correct about big anti-Trump marches coming on or near May 1st. That’s the day many communists like to celebrate and publicize their cause.

  5. There is a very blatant 4th Reich-Illuminati policy in practice to disguise fascist Nazi involvement in global affairs as originating in communism; the creation of a fabricated an anti-Russian meme. WWII Nazis who were actively recruited by the CIA are responsible to decades of “Red Scare” disinfo. The threat of Russian ICBMs pointed at the US and constantly moving on Russian trains to prevent US defense, for example, was 100% Gehlen Organization disinfo. The US government used Nazis to supply USSR intel around the world following WWII, and they created a monster to disguise their own actions as well as to justify their budgets. US Asst. Secretary of State Sumner Welles wrote about the Third Reich’s plan to return in around two generations in “A Time for Decision”, published in the 40s. Dr. Dennis Cuddy discussed the 4th Reich-Illuminati alliance, and their mutual service-to-self, Luciferian spirituality in “The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan”, Dr. Dennis Cuddy — The Power Elite and the Nazi Plan, Part 1. Commander William Guy Carr’s “Pawns in the Game” is also an excellent resource. Christopher Simpson’s “Blowback” is an incredibly well-documented history of the US government’s recruitment of Nazis, as are DOJ Nuremeberg attorney John Loftus’s books and Anthony Sutton’s.
    The choice of May i for a massive attack on Trump is an obvious attempt to link anti-Trump attacks to a communist source. Check out swastikas in the EU, the CIA’s neo-Nazi Ukraine coup, US “regime change” attacks to replace elected governments around the world with fascist dictatorships. Apparently Soros’ alliance with Adolph Eichmann and his later position in the Nazi allied Hungarian Iron Fist isn’t a large enough elephant in the room to wake up even most the truth media. Russia is the only G8 nation protecting Christians and supporting freedom of religion; the natural enemy of the Luciferian/Satanist NWO.


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