Ex-CIA Robert David Steele Reachs Out To President Trump – Warns Of Eric Schmidt Of Google Censoring The Internet Of Trump Supporters.

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by Pamela Williams
I just watched an interview of Robert David Steele with RT. Of course, those of you familiar with Steele know he is an ex-CIA agent and author of great recognition. I have no doubt he is legitimate and sincere. I further believe he was no stooge to allow himself to be set up; therefore, he has maintained his reputation and dignity. This video interview is another one of shocking revelations and predictions that are warnings most of all to President Trump and to the American people.
My summary is as follows:
1. Again Steele pushes President Trump to realign his staff by ordering Pence, Mattis, and Tillerson to not contradict him. He feels they tend to dispute Trump’s words; thus, disrespect him. I agree with this, as I have heard Pence doing this in interviews.
2. He says that Obama’s new organization working from his home in Washington cannot hold a candle to the billions of dollars from the Soros organization, but it will serve its purpose. He says that the ways in which they are working to destroy Trump are:
A. Through the news media, which is controlled by the Deep State.
B. Through Google’s Eric Schmidt censoring Alternative Media Trump supporters on the Internet and YouTube. He has advised Alex Jones of InfoWars to sue Eric Schmidt for a huge sum, as he is being destroyed by Google censorship.
C. Obama stayed in Washington to represent the Rothschilds.
D. Priebus and McMasters are spies for McCain and Paul Ryan.
3. Trump should not put billions of dollars in the Pentagon. It is already full of waste, and Trump is not getting a holistic picture from his Staff.
4. Trump is not eligible for impeachment. That is a lie.
5. Jeff Sessions should do a racketeering investigation starting with Google.
6. The economy will crash this summer, and it will create the perfect storm.
7. He feels Trump may quit at that point, as it is not worth it for him.
8. Mike Pence will become the face of the Deep State. He will bring in Warren or Bush.
9. Trump needs an electoral format – the two party format is not our friend.
Steele hopes President Trump will heed his warning and make adjustments in his environment. He thinks Trump can be the greatest President of all time if he can only get the right people around him. He warns about the breakdown to occur this summer, and he says basically it will be hell.
He mentioned someone by the name of David Stockman, who he would like to see as Trump’s Chief Of Staff. I am going to look into him, because I have no idea who he is.

Published on Mar 10, 2017

David Alan Stockman (born November 10, 1946) is a former businessman and U.S. politician who served as a Republican U.S. Representative from the state of Michigan (1977–1981) and as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981–1985) under President Ronald Reagan.
Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman warns that President Donald Trump is “clueless” about the fiscal dead end America is quickly facing.
Stockman, who served as director of the Office of Management and Budget from 1981-1985, issued a dire warning to Trump about the nation’s $20 trillion debt ceiling.
“We are heading into an absolute fiscal bloodbath,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.
The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday projected the federal deficit to decline in 2017 to $559 billion, but warned if current laws are not changed, it could then could rise to historic levels over the next decade.
In Stockman’s opinion, Trump’s fiscal plan doesn’t add up.
“I think he’s clueless about the fiscal mess he’s inherited,” he said. “What I’m saying is, he’s going to increase everything, cut none of the entitlements, and argue that he’s going to reduce taxes and add a trillion of infrastructure as well.”

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