SNL is the Worst Show on Television

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Saturday Night Live made media headlines last night after their flagrant attack on First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Scarlett Johansson starred as Ivanka, while the narrator slammed her as “complicit” in the perceived wrongdoings of her father. “She’s a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she’s doing.” The ad continued by making satirical, sarcastic remarks about Ivanka being a feminist and a champion for women before ending with Johansson running out of a gold door. The skit was in very poor taste, lacking class and humor. It reeked of liberals who resent powerful, strong women, which is an oddity. (Not really!) Are liberals not the very group of people who parade themselves as advocates for women?

Every man knows her name, every woman knows her face,” the voice-over says in the beginning. “When she walks into the room, all eyes are on her.” This could possibly be construed as a mere introduction of the First Daughter, if not for the faux commercial making a mockery of her image and status. What woman does wish for beauty, power, and the state of being well-known? Is this not what every woman should aspire to be? Why are these traits viewed as negative among Democrats? Is there no end to their jealousy and resentment of accomplished women like Ivanka?
Implications of Ivanka’s ‘complicity’ towards her father’s actions are erroneous and misleading. The word ‘complicit’ holds negative connotations and suggests playing a role in wrongdoings or immoral actions. Labeling Ivanka as ‘complicit’ is essentially asserting that the First Daughter is wrong to support her father as President. Democrats are still licking their wounds from their brutal defeat in November, but the election of President Trump was not wrong and the First Daughter should stand by him.  Ivanka works tirelessly to advocate for her father and even implement her own policies to aid women in the workplace and enact paid family leave. The First Daughter created an outstanding brand ‘Women Who Work,’ which provides guidance for everyday working women. Ivanka Trump is a class act and an excellent role model for women all over the world.
If SNL seeks to censure people who are complicit in the misdeeds of others, they should focus their spotlight on Hillary Rodham Clinton. The loser of the 2016 election is not only engulfed in her own plethora of scandals but has openly supported her philandering husband, despite his infidelity and blatant lies to America. Melania and Ivanka Trump are frequently bashed by out-of-touch liberals for supporting the President, yet Hillary gets a free pass for championing a man who raped countless women and was impeached for lying under oath. Hillary even went after her husband’s sexual assault victims, threatening them to stay silent. Liberals never discuss these deplorable deeds because of the (D) next to Hillary’s name. If the Clintons were Republicans and involved in such deep scandals, they would be shunned and exiled from the political world, losing all power and status. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.
Democrats would do well to remember that people in glass houses should not throw stones. Ivanka is not ‘complicit,’ unlike people who have supported the Clintons for decades despite their scandals and crimes. The Left cannot continue to claim advocacy for women while attacking women who do not subscribe to their ideologies. SNL’s ad was atrocious and their ratings will surely diminish as an offshoot. After all this time, Democrats fail to grasp that shenanigans like last night are why they lost the 2016 election and will continue to lose.