Examine and research all your bills to find savings

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by pgifford1987

I’ve recently been going through my wife and I’s spending and figuring where we could make improvements. Turns out there were a ton of them.

Starting this process led me to changing and grouping our car insurance and home insurance provider for a 40% cost reduction and simply refinancing our house to 2.75% with no points, saving tens of thousands. I also called FIOS and got a great retention offer when I threatened to cancel their service.

This all lead me to look at our phone bill as well. My wife and I had Verizon wireless for years and have been paying about $110 a month for 10gbs and 2 lines of access. Turns out there is a company called Totalwireless that uses Verizon’s network, but is literally less than half the cost. Now we’re paying $60 for 30gbs and 2 lines, but you can get single lines starting at $25.

The coverage is the exact same as a native Verizon connection, and we were able to bring our own phones and numbers over. I’ve been pretty happy so far, though I am annoyed I didn’t switch years ago and keep those thousands of dollars I threw away on my phone bill.

We also opened several cash back credit cards with multipliers in categories we already were spending in. This has us making close to $1000 a year in cash back. It should go without saying we pay them off every month.

I would encourage everyone to examine your all your bills, look onto cheaper plans, find deals and investigate the competition. There are a lot of little ways you can save and it can pay off in a big way.




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