Example of Hillary Using Projection Lying Technique

Synopsis: One of the most effective techniques in hiding one’s guilt in any matter is the projection technique – where you accuse what you are guilty of on your enemy.
For example, if one of your children – Child #1 – comes running to you yelling “She hit me.” Then the second child comes in seconds later saying, “no, she hit me.” The first thing you, as the parent, has to deal with is which one is lying. But if the lying one continues to lie, then the charge of the innocent one is effectively blunted – sometimes to nothingness.
Hillary Clinton has discovered that this projection technique works, and so, she is using it more and more.
Last week, Clinton did the following interview. Unless you are fairly well schooled in the current events of the day, you could fall for this.
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This woman is THE best at lying with a straight face. I wonder what percentage of the American people believe this? I’m sure a growing number see through this as a lie – but don’t know exactly how to categorize the technique. This is projection – blame what you, yourself, are guilty of on your opponent. I’m sure that for at least the majority of her core supporters, this is all they need. Hillary said it, so it must be true – but nothing could be further from the truth.
There has not even been one allegation that President Trump has profited from his time as president. This is a naked lie on the part of Clinton – a brazen piece of projection lying.
Good Lord! May this woman’s tongue burn with fire. God is not mocked. Trump is operating within the law. She and her husband are the ones throughout their entire political careers who have operated completely outside the law.

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