Executive Orders and Presidential Tyranny

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by Martin Armstrong

Some may remember the original Schoolhouse Rock jingle, “I’m Just a Bill.” While the original explanation was difficult for children to comprehend, they forgot to add the power of executive orders.

This parody from former President Obama’s presidency shows exactly what is occurring now with President Joe Biden passing executive orders to push forward his Build Back Better agenda. The US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit did halt Biden’s vaccine mandate order, but who is to say that Biden won’t try to bypass the lengthy legal proceedings to transform a bill into law by using (i.e., abusing) his executive powers? Thousands of Americans have already lost their livelihoods due to the vaccine mandate. Despite the halt, numerous corporations are implementing it into their design to prepare for what may come. One person should not wield so much power. We are closer to living in a dictatorship than most realize.

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