Explosion And Fire At Munitions Depot, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Just breaking news in today. People are being evacuated. Managed to find and upload a video from Telegram onto YouTube, the video is not mine.

Looks quite energy-dense.

As well as a live link to the unfolding fire.


Update 1. According to TASS around 11 000 people are being evacuated from the nearby areas.

Update 1. Trains between Moscow and Abakan have been reported to be delayed due to the incident.

Emergency service personnel evacuated residents within 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) of the blast site “to ensure the security of the population of the settlements located near the depots.” –


In 20km zone is city of Achinsk – an industrial city with over a hundred thousand population on the Trans-Siberian railway, 114 miles west of Krasnoyarsk. –

h/t Snuffielover


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