EXPLOSIVE: a plain man’s guide to Brexit reality, & the eight Brexit murderers named.

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by John Ward

In negotiating with Brussels, the Prime Minister’s EU-loyal Cabinet and Whitehall cabal have employed one central tactic over the last twelve months: to leave every ordinary British citizen completely confused, bamboozled and exhausted to the point of apathy on the subject of Brexit. The Slog offers the antidote to that cynical snake-bite, and suggests where the real blame for this disaster lies.


As the clock ticks away towards five to crunch – and Radio Boris broadcasts ever more frantically that it will hold the coat (and indeed, act as the second) for any person or group willing to behead the Siren – I thought it might be both instructive and fun to take a forensic view of the process formerly known as Brexit, but now more commonly referred to in polite society as ReMayn.

The Daily Telegraph’s page on “Brexit” progress hasn’t been updated since September 28th, which sort of gives a clue as to the real pace of what’s happening. However, it is willing to confirm the following realities:

  • In the 594 days devoted to leaving the EU so far under Article 50, this is the state of play on the twelve areas to be agreed before we can pretend to exit, but really ReMayn: Areas agreed 1, Disputed areas being discussed 8, Deadlocked disagreements 3.
  • There are just 136 out of 730 days left. So we have pissed away roughly four fifths of the time (over 80%) but just 8% of the issues are agreed. Something tells me this is one contract unlikely to be delivered on time. But then, that’s normal for Whitehall.
  • The Chequers “plan” states that the UK must no longer be under the “direct” jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. But the ECJ will keep a role, “limited” to eight years, over citizens’ rights. Eight years, I might add, during which  Brussels could funnel all kinds of nonsense through that Court….and there would be diddly-squat, zero, finito Benito, nothing any British Government could do about it. So that would not be a Sovereign Brexit.
  • Downing Street insists that there will be “no” restriction on the UK’s potential to make trade deals beyond the EU, but admits that the extent of the deals with those outside of the EU may be curtailed by the common rulebook. As Mother Theresa is up for agreeing to the Queensberry rules, then what we really have here is no restriction except for, um, any restriction the controllers of the rules come up with. And the book would be under the control of Brussels….which as we know has such an unblemished record of fair play. So that would not be a Sovereign Brexit either.
  • The Government wants to restrict inward UK migration to highly-skilled workers only. But Olly Robbins & Partners have already accepted the idea of migrant residency for two years – even if the skill level of such people does not extend to tying shoelaces without assistance. If that represents a Sovereign Brexit, then what happened to the Red Line called control of our own borders? Jihadists skilled solely in the art of separating brains from bodies will be made welcome for at least two years. Time & Motion research suggests that, during these 730 days, much sought after workers like these could behead 10,000 innocent British citizens….and the Mayor of London would still call any reaction to this “Islamophobia”. The only admirable thing about this possibility is that – in terms of productivity – it puts the Brexit negotiation process to eternal shame.
  • Britain’s financial settlement on leaving the EU will come to around £35-£39 billion (€40-45 billion). There is nothing whatever in the Lisbon Treaty or Article 50 that makes any reference whatsoever to a “Divorce Bill” on leaving the EU. For fifteen months now, ReMayner troll swarms have been insisting that this sum represents ongoing responsibilities to which we’ve already signed up. This was and still is a lie. The Devil in the detail shows very clearly that such liabilities are covered by – direct quote here – ‘pensions and outstanding loan liabilities’. These are in addition to the forty billion Pounds: the £40bn is a blackmail demand in return for our right to leave the EU, and as such would be instantly dismissed by any objective World Trade court of Law if the UK Government objected to it. Philip Hammond pretends otherwise. Philip Hammond is a tried and tested serial 24-carat liar.
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For all Brits with an attention span extending beyond that of an educationally subnormal gnat, I have tried to make clear in the foregoing 730 words the true extent of the lies they are being asked to swallow about this being a “Brexit” close to satisfactory conclusion, a genuine Brexit where our Sovereign independence is restored, and a Brexit with at least some genetic inheritance from what wise Britons vote for in July 2016.

But if I may here, I’d like to assign some very clear accountability about why this happened. This is not to engage in what I call blamestorming: rather, it is to remind those with native, emotional and historical intelligence of just how badly many British People have behaved since the Referendum.

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The buck stops with these groups:

  1. Those of a high IQ and narrow view who have engaged in slovenly thinking (about the EU and all its works) purely as a means of insulting the clinical wisdom of empirical behaviourists and clear-sighted experience of the mature citizen.
  2. A Whitehall-based Civil Service that prepared nothing whatsoever in the way of contingency planning in the event of an unexpected vote to leave the EU. This was more than just a gross dereliction of duty: it was a perversion of the first principle of every bureaucracy – to objectively protect the citizens who pauper themselves to provide Mandarins with massive salaries and pensions most people can only dream about.
  3. The media whores who have printed lies that the GigaRich 3% need to purvey, rather than supporting what the majority of voters desired.
  4. The various Alt States determined to put their military-financial-industrial madness (in the shape of NATO, the IMF and Wall Street) before the wellbeing and fulfilment of EU citizens.
  5. The International Socialist ideologues in the British Labour Party who seem to put their own parochial desires for Power at any Price before their Greek Left comrades, the British electorate they represent, and the Italian People.
  6. The selfish, smug and generally ingratiating cowards in the Conservative Party who threaten constantly to huff and puff….but never quite blow away the pigs who bankroll them. They are, veritably, sheep in wolves’ clothing.
  7. The EU pensioners, motivated solely by their Brussels Shilling and longer-term fantasies of unaccountable power. Let’s name names: Lord Mandelson, Neil ‘Windbag’ Kinnock, Lord Hill, Chris Patten, Christopher Soames, Nick Clegg and Baron Thomson of Monifieth….who are but a few of the gravy-trainers.
  8. The unpensioned who have nevertheless benefited from the corrupt media and organisational largesse of the European Union: Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, David Miliband, Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie, Anna Soubry, Alison McGovern, and Vince Cable.


Mixed in with this appalling Roll Call of the ethically dead are other factors such as sheer incompetence, naivety, distraction and and impenetrable complexity. But despite that, I put this post out there as (hopefully) an indestructible source for future unbiased historians….should such an exalted Club ever be allowed to exist.


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