Facebook bans Free Thought Project, Press For Truth and The Anti-Media!

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by delelles

@TFTPROJECT: Facebook has unpublished our page After 5 years of building fans Facebook has officially unpublished our page (3.1 million fans) so we can’t post on it anymore. This is truly an outrage and we are devastated. We will do everything we can to recover our page and fight back. SOURCE: twitter.com/TFTPROJECT/status/1050456314093002752

@DanDicksPFTI’ve been memory holed from FaceBook! 350k followers poof gone! There is a dangerous precedent being set here where the big tech companies have appointed themselves as the gate keepers of political thought and opinion! Retweet this if you care about free-speech! SOURCE: twitter.com/DanDicksPFT/status/1050477398343311360

@AntiMedia: Our @facebook page with over 2.1 million followers has been unpublished, along with over 800 other pages and accounts. The purge of alt-media is upon us. SOURCE: twitter.com/AntiMedia/status/1050476321191669760

Edit, more:

@FordFischer: I just confirmed online with a lot of Facebook friends. CopBlock and Police the Police, as well as anti-drug war pages taken down. @AntiMedia’s FB as well. It seems cop and government accountability pages were major targets. SOURCE: twitter.com/FordFischer/status/1050495763934040064

@FordFischer: Holy shit. The Anti-Media’s Page was just removed from Twitter. So Twitter and Facebook are coordinating this. SOURCE: twitter.com/FordFischer/status/1050525553164505089

Press For Truth just released a video on their banning: www.youtube.com/watch?v=92Ismk0PaHo

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What Facebook is saying:

Facebook removes 559 pages ahead of U.S. midterms for spreading news stories using “coordinated inauthentic behavior” – www.cnbc.com/2018/10/11/facebook-removes-559-inauthentic-pages-ahead-of-us-midterms.html


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