Facebook is now giving out social trustworthiness scores

by Wulf102

Here’s a link to various articles on it:


Obviously, everyone right or left should be concerned about this. I have a feeling anyone outside of the legacy media will be given low ratings while the typical MSM outlets will be given high ratings. This is going to primarily hit the right, but the next time a Bernie Sanders or non-mainstream approved figure comes around, the left will be too late.

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This is straight out of China and 1984 and Alex Jones has again been proven right about big government and big tech. r\technology absolutely loves this idea and thinks it’s great.

My questions are:

Who determines who is trustworthy? Who determines who determines who is trustworthy? What happens if someone gets it wrong? What happens in cases where things deemed fake turn out to be real? And why are humans, who have been able to make their own mind up about bullshit for thousands of years, are now seen as being unable to do so?


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