Farage Slams Fake Conservatives in Washington DC

by Mark Angelides

The Young America’s Foundation conference in Washington DC played host to Brexit front man and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage last week. His speech has filled column inches and been dissected by news agencies on both sides of the debate; and he has cemented even further his reputation as a Statesmen, thinker, and political dynamo.
Farage’s topics were wide and varied; he covered the Trump agenda, Hillary Clinton, what it means to be a Conservative, immigration and radical Islam. Each point made well and with a certain degree of flair.
The runner up for Time’s Man of the Year (only beaten out by one Mr. Donald Trump), had a lot to say on what it means to be a Conservative and to defend conservative values:
“The one thing I’ve learned is that good conservative values have to be fought for and defended zealously at all time. We face huge enemies with the establishment and the media… and the biggest enemy of all that we face are those that are within in our ranks, those that masquerade as conservatives but actually follow liberal agendas,” Farage said.
He pointed out that much of the damage to President Trump’s agenda is not coming from the Democrats, but from sources within the Republican Party. “Who are the people really trying to stop the [Trump] agenda that won the election from succeeding? It isn’t the Democrats, it isn’t CNN. It’s John McCain and people in his own party,” he said
It was his stance on the Corporate Cronyism infecting the American political process that received the largest round of applause; a popular topic among the group. He said “The big banks and the big businesses effectively own the political process.” And that the way they try to stifle real Free Market processes is through over-regulation: “They wrap every single industry in the most complex set of laws that the barriers to entry for small and medium size competitors become impossible”.
And he’s right. What many don’t realize is that much of the over-regulation on industry and business is proposed directly by the large industrial companies and multi-national corporations. Politicians may try to say they are putting regulations in place to stop Big Business, but it is Big Business that lobbies for this regulation with the aim of shutting down their smaller competitors.
Particular ire was reserved for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Farage said: “I think if Hillary Clinton is an enemy of mine, I’m in a pretty good place”. “CNN are still in denial,” he said. “Hillary Clinton couldn’t even bring herself to use the phrase Islamic terrorism during the campaign”.
Nigel Farage is a man who has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to one end: extricating the UK from the grip of the EU. Until two years ago, this seemed an impossibility, and as Nigel often says, he was regarded as “the Patron Saint of Lost Causes”. But his will and determination have proven that anything is possible. Watch the video below:


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5 thoughts on “Farage Slams Fake Conservatives in Washington DC”

  1. Here’s my problem with “Conservatives” who are #NeverTrumpers: They have painted themselves into a philosophical corner where being a loser is perfectly acceptable provided one is noble and magnanimous in losing. i.e.: They consider a polite and chivalrous loss to always be preferable to a less than admirable victory.
    Here’s a bit of a clue — A gentlemanly loser is still a loser.


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