Farrakhan; “Trump’s Done More for Black People in U.S. than Any Other President

by Thinker

The number one word for 2018 is “TRUTH” and Trump is looking high and low for it. Now that the ball is rolling, there is only one direction to go for the sitting president and that is to support the wishes of the people. The change Obama promised never came, and the changes Trump is making were never expected. Today every American has a reason to thank their Creator…Hillary didn’t win! Louis Farrakhn is sending out his thanks and praise for having Trump as president, claiming he’s done more for Black’s in America than any president in history.

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World peace is the best change that can happen for everyone

Another word that has come out the mouth of the president that hasn’t been heard in a long time from the others is PEACE. Will Trump repeat President John F. Kennedy’s “Peace Speech” on June 10, 1963 to the world? How befitting is this speech that has been preserved with time and delivers a message that could have been spoken by every president after Kennedy. Will Trump take the words of a president that the people loved and use them to create that bond with the people that Kennedy had?



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