IT’S ON! Trump GIVES An ORDER Against John Brennan Over Public Disrespect

by Thinker

Biggest fear of deep state? Where the missing trillions is and whose pocket they went into that are surfacing with Clinton Uranium One investigation that was dropped by FBI. The hate for a president using a spy to watch him in his own home, and using positions of power, trust, and paid for by taxpayers is treason…isn’t it?

Trump is opening the spy-gate doors and exposing those who would lie and throw themselves under the bus to keep the secrets of the oaths taken to their secret societies. The same groups President JFK want to eliminate President Trump is exposing!


Gowdy raises concerns over ‘secret society’ in FBI texts

On ‘America’s Newsroom,’ the Republican lawmaker sounds off on the ‘troubling’ text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

Was JFK’s comment on “secret societies” a statement against the “NWO”? I searched this famous quote and finally found the full unedited written transcript and audio of this speech. JFK was actually talking about current events of the cold war and how nontraditional enemies were gaining information on how the US was battling this war. In this speech JFK actually points out “the need for far greater “official” secrecy”…as well as “the need for a far greater public information”. JFK admits “I have no easy answer to the dilemma that I have posed,” but also states, “and would not seek to impose it if I had one.” This a major difference from where todays elected officials stand. Address, “The President and the Press,” Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961

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