Father Arrested for Killing Daughter’s Ex-BF After He Sold Her Into Sex Trafficking Ring for $1,000: police

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A Spokane man has been arrested for killing his underage daughter’s former (19yr old) boyfriend who sold her into a sex trafficking ring in Seattle (for $1000) .. Eisenman Rescued His Daughter from Seattle

Police arrested (John Eisenman) on Friday. Once in custody, police said he confessed to killing Sorensen. Eisenman told police that he confronted Sorensen in November 2020, zip-tied him and placed him in the trunk of a car. He then threw a cinder block at Sorenson’s head and stabbed him multiple times in the stomach, killing him, before driving the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoning it with the body still inside the trunk.

Sorensen was reported missing that month. The car remained at the remote location for almost a year until someone took it and drove it to Spokane, leaving it where it was reported abandoned by residents..

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“This father did the unthinkable for some of us to save his little girl from an unspeakable life that causes long term scars and years of emotional damage,” the fundraiser’s description reads. “He did what most of us as parents would do ..



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