Fauci officially states it: “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated.” That was the goal from Day 1.

by squaremild

This motherf*cking goblin finally feels safe enough to tell the truth. Lockdowns were aimed at coercing people into medical procedures they otherwise wouldn’t accept.

In California, for instance, an immediate red flag in 2020 was when the only detail for “Stage 4” of the “reopening roadmap” was “Requires Therapeutics” — vaccines. Despite no successful coronavirus vaccinations ever having been develop and the idea of vaccination for a common cold virus being ridiculous…. This is what Newsom declared. We’re locked down and nothing returns to normal until we’ve got vaccines.

This all is easily demonstrated from previously posted footage circa 2019 when Fauci states that influenza is too familiar for people to go along with the new experimental forms of vaccinations being developed–they would need something more exotic to convince people to inject gene therapy “vaccinations” in to their bodies.

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So close down the world! Scare everyone and scream “Don’t Kill Grandma!!” Cause everyone to lose their income and beg the government for scraps. As Tony just said here, “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated

Weird how that never has happened ever before in US history

edit: How f*cking insane is this? He is saying you lock people down to get them vaccinated — which you have to do because if they’re not vaccinated and you open back up they’ll get sick because the lockdowns kept their immune systems “naive to the virus”

so you have to protect the naive system made naive by isolation which was actually in order to convince people to get the protection they now need?


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