“FBI A DISASTER!”, Trey Gowdy CALLS OUT Jeff Sessions, Comey, Strzok Over IG Report

by Thinker

Knowing who the humans and nonhumans are that support the people, and those who don’t is now important for Americans to know who they live with. Wake up calls are coming with or without consent of the people. Things are more noticeable everyday since the pole shift and showing in every nation with its government. Trump the president that was selected for the people by the Creator is feeling the backing of all those who support good things for the planet. Judgement day has come and the revelations are for Deep State corruption. We are responsible for our actions and our words. They are our choice and what the Creator will return to us. How long have you been doing right or wrong? The longer one has to wait for the return, the better or worse it will be. What is the return for those that are being exposed in the Trump investigations to get rid of bottomfeeders and liars. A president needs to be surrounded by men/women who have a history of doing right and not wrong for the people and the USA can really get going the right way. Hats off to the President, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Trey Gowdy for standing up for the people and making it known that you aren’t backing down!


LIBERAL Student Tries To DESTROY Trey Gowdy Face To Face – Then Gets SCHOOLED!

Every American should take a lesson from one that is filled with light, truth, and honor.