FBI Agent Strzok Destroying Integrity of Agency in Historical Hearing on Corruption!

by Thinker

Well, there hasn’t been a sporting event in the world with this much emotional up, down, good, evil, lie, truth in one place ever in the world. As the hearings in Washington D. C. on emails, investigations, roll on, what Americans are now seeing is the clear division in their government and who stands for the people and truth. Those who don’t want the truth are pleading the 5th or saying they can’t answer question for fear of conviction? Isn’t refusal to answer more or less a sign of guilt? As the hearing of FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok goes on, it is clear to see who is defending lies, and preventing the American people from knowing the real truth.

Complete exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. Words, actions, and faces every American should know. Who is for the people and transparency and who wants to conceal the truth can’t be more in your face. Hearing where hardly anyone shows up, and then those like the one below where there isn’t any room let inside.


Why would FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok risk bringing down a whole agency by not wanting to tell the truth? What and who is Mr. Strzok protecting…D. C. pedophiles? Is there mention of them in the report and reason for lies and whatever it takes to keep them private?

Democrats Vote to Protect Pedophiles, but Not Military Veterans

This is just shocking that the American morons actually voted for these terrorists and saboteurs that we have representing us in the congress.

Who was the Black woman that not one American or Afro-American has ever heard of?

Why was she defending secrecy?

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How long has she been in government and isn’t a household name?

What did they call the Black slave that worked in the house?

Bonnie Watson Coleman Democratic Party politician, who has served as the U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 12th congressional district since 2015. She previously served in the New Jersey General Assembly from 1998 to 2015 for the 15th Legislative District. She is the first black woman in Congress from New Jersey.

And 90% of Black America doesn’t even know who she is!

In office January 13, 1998 – January 3, 2015

Bonnie Watson Coleman co-sponsored the International Megan’s Law, to combat child exploitation and other sex crimes abroad. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law in February 2016. “Megan’s Law” is an informal name for laws in the United States requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders, which was created in response to the murder of Megan Kanka. The law requires notice be given to other countries, through Operation Angel Watch, when registered American sex offenders travel to their countries. The United States Secretary of State would also be allowed to limit or place restrictions on the travel of convicted sex criminals.

Sex Offenders That Are Immune & Above the Law, Thanks to Connections in Government!

Rich U.S. Sex Trafficker Gets Off Easy; Money & Political Connections Buy Justice – Jeffrey Epstein. In Aug 26, 2010. Hedge Fund Banker Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein, who went free this week, lived in a depraved world of pornographic artwork + hush money. During his cushy house arrest he was able to fly to New York frequently and to his private Caribbean island. Palm Beach police think Epstein’s riches ($2 billion) + powerful connections – Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; Bill Richardson; Larry Summers to name a few – got him special treatment. He should have served at least 20 years in prison, prosecutors say.



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