FBI Director James Comey Did Make Two Grave Mistakes In His Hearing On Capitol Hill Yesterday

by Pamela Williams
FBI Director James Comey could do no wrong in his eyes yesterday on Capitol Hill.  He was so full of himself and so cocky, I am sure he thought he was bulletproof.  But I would say to him, you failed to tell the truth and the full truth; thus, you failed, Director Comey.  You did succeed in in damaging the image of Mainstream News Media even worse than it already is.  You failed to take the one criminal act we were certain of and investigate the leaking of classified information.  We know that DID HAPPEN, but you seemed to care less about THAT.
You seemed to weave and promote a conspiracy theory that the American people have been grappling with for too long.  You continually harped on the theory that President Trump was involved with Russia or as you said, “he was coordinating” with Russia.
Definition of coordinate
a :  equal in rank, quality, or significance keeping the branches of government coordinate
b :  being of equal rank in a sentence coordinate clauses
:  relating to or marked by coordination
a :  being a university that awards degrees to men and women taught usually by the same faculty but attending separate classes often on separate campuses
b :  being one of the colleges and especially the women’s branch of a coordinate university
:  of, relating to, or being a system of indexing by two or more terms so that documents may be retrieved through the intersection of index terms
I would say that all the countries of the world should “coordinate” together to keep peace and get along, but most are too interested in conflict and power to coordinate together.  But is that not the purpose of diplomacy?  Should we all not coordinate to bring military power against ISIS?  If we are planning a conference, should we all try to coordinate the timing of that conference?  If no coordination took place between countries, we would live in diplomatic chaos.
President Trump and his staff have only tried to bring an era of peace between America and Russia.  Ah, but none of you and your kind, Director Comey, want that, now do you?  What would you do with your time if you could not investigate a conspiracy theory to please Hillary Clinton and the Liberals?
You disappointed, Director Comey, by not using your education to take the one criminal act that we knew took place during the Trump era and put your time and hard work into that.  Come on, Comey, you know what I am talking about!  Yes, the leaking of classified information that had to be gained from some type of surveillance of some of the Trump staff.  Someone had to be listening in on General Flynn’s phone calls….who was it?  Who leaked the classified dossier YOU GAVE TO PRESIDENT TRUMP the day you visited him at Trump Tower?  Remember that?  Did you, Brennan, Clapper, and Trump meet that day?  Remember you were to brief President Trump on the information you had on him and Russia?
Then later it came out that the dossier was somehow linked to some erroneous website on the Internet?  Honestly, I am so confused by that still, I am not sure how the dossier was obtained, but it was proven false.  Or was it handed to the FBI by John McCain?  There is so much conspiracy flowing around you, Director Comey.
Lets look at mistake number one:

  1. You made this statement to Congress on March 20, 2017 on Capitol Hill:  “…It’s perfectly legal for someone attending a classified briefing to LIE TO THE PRESS about what they heard in that meeting. The FBI cannot go out and correct the record because then they’d be “commenting on Classified information…”  NOW let me see if I understand this correctly?  If you, Comey, lie to the press about what occurred during a briefing, the press prints the lie, the American people read the lie; thus believing that lie, THAT IS OK?

Ah, Director Comey, that is how “fake news” is created and spread!  Do you not realize that?  Do you not realize you are thus creating FAKE NEWS and blaming it on the media?  Director Comey, there are some Liberals and Google, etc., really taking FAKE NEWS seriously and now you are spreading it and blaming it on those who are not aware of how it started.
You are saying the American people cannot trust Mainstream News Media.  That could hurt the ratings of MSM, and it would have started with you.  I hope those who are working against FAKE NEWS get a chance to read this!  Shame on you, Director Comey!
NOW, lets move on to mistake number two:

  1. You failed to inform Congress if you are investigating the one crime we know occurred, and that is the “leaking of classified information.”  Pardon me, if I use my brain to make a conclusion:  it only makes sense to me that the FBI should actively investigate a criminal act that has factually occurred, that is a felony bringing a ten year prison sentence to the leaker of classified information.  Could it be, Director Comey, that you would not know where to start, as so many and most likely yourself, committed this criminal act.  I am talking allegedly here.  I am only speculating on how many may be guilty of this.  
  2. I do know that there has been leaks…so many leaks…occur and end up printed by news outlets like the news paper outlets…for instance the following:


The above went viral, and it should have gone viral.  archive.is/BOGvv
I archived it, Director Comey, just for you.
Further concerning the absence of knowing about whether you are investigating the leaking of classified information, Trey Gowdy did a good job on reminding you how important this is.
One of Comey’s Tuesday critics was one of his sharpest questioners the day before, and Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., was particularly upset that Comey failed to acknowledge a probe into the string of leaks that have plagued President Trump’s administration.
“I think the most troubling part for me is when Director Comey would not assure us that there’s a leak investigation,” Gowdy told “Fox & Friends.” “He was more than happy to assure us that there’s an investigation into the potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia – which may or may not be a crime. The leaking of classified information is a crime, but he would not confirm that investigation.”
Gowdy – and several other Republicans on the Intelligence Committee – drew specific attention to the leaks that identified former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as the U.S. citizen who had a conversation with a Russian official in December. Flynn initially lied about the incident, leading Trump to fire the longtime supporter.
Flynn’s conversation was reportedly captured in an intercept that only identified him as a U.S. citizen. During his questioning, Gowdy asked about several Obama administration officials who would have had access to Flynn’s name and would have been able to “unmask” him. Gowdy mentioned ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, ex-CIA Director James Brennan, ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, ex-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, ex-National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes. Gowdy also asked if former President Barack Obama was briefed about “calls involving Michael Flynn.”

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