FDA and Government corruption is slowing EU of real vaccines to benefit J&J, Pfizer and Moderna

I guess the politicians and Fauci don’t own stock in the alternatives?

Several dead virus vaccines that is proven science such as Covaxin or INO-4800 COVID-19 Vaccine.

Both of which has as much or more testing than these mRNA variants. All also are not required to be frozen and in some cases can be stored at room temperature for a year or more.

They also test well against know variants.

Why again is the Government forcing this experimental mRNA on the public?

Two safe non mRNA alternative below that you cannot get in USA

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INO-4800 is a DNA vaccine candidate matched to the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19 disease in humans.

INOVIO’s INO-4800 is a nucleic-acid-based vaccine found stable at room temperature for more than a year and does not require frozen transport or for years of storage, which are important factors when implementing mass immunizations to battle the current pandemic, says INOVIO.


So what do we know about Covaxin?
Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine which means that it is made up of killed coronaviruses, making it safe to be injected into the body.
Bharat Biotech, a 24-year-old vaccine maker with a portfolio of 16 vaccines and exports to 123 countries, used a sample of the coronavirus, isolated by India’s National Institute of Virology.



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