FDA lets pharmacists prescribe Pfizer’s Paxlovid

‘The FDA has tweaked its emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill Paxlovid, allowing pharmacists to provide the antiviral treatment to those who have been recently infected and are at risk for progressing to a severe form of the virus.

The U.S. has purchased 20 million courses of Paxlovid. The drug won FDA authorization in December based on its 89% effectiveness in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death.

But demand has been less than Pfizer expected as it has been hindered by complicated eligibility requirements, reduced testing, the potential for drug interactions and a public perception that omicron infections aren’t as severe.

The American Medical Association criticized the new measure, saying Paxlovid should only be prescribed by physicians with knowledge of a patient’s medical history.‘

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Pfizer must have tightened the screws on the FDA
Profits were falling.


h/t A Deplorable Neanderthal


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