United States Is Paying $1.7 Billion To Health Care Workers… IN UKRAINE!

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As the war in Ukraine heads into its sixth month, military aid from the West has become routine, with the US leading the way after so far sending $7 billion in aid to Kiev since February.

But the Biden administration isn’t just propping up Ukraine’s military and aspects of its war-time economy alongside the huge sums of humanitarian aid being regularly sent for the internally displaced refugee problem – the US is now going to pay Ukrainian health care workers.

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“Ukraine is getting an additional $1.7 billion in assistance from the U.S. government and the World Bank to pay the salaries of its beleaguered health care workers and provide other essential services,” Politico reports Tuesday.

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The healthcare funds come as Ukraine’s minister of health Viktor Liashko is sounding the alarm over collapsing medical and hospital infrastructure and availability, describing that paying health workers’ salaries is growing more difficult each month “due to the overwhelming burden of war.” As cited in Politico:

“$1.7 billion is not just yet another financial support; it is an investment that makes us a step closer to victory,” Liashko said in a statement.

The funds are being funneled through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Treasury Dept., and the World Bank.

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