Feds Investigate Company That Got $25 Million After Donating To NYC Cuomo Campaign

by Thinker

Story by Thomas Phippen

Federal authorities are investigating a New York health care company that received a $25 million grant after executives donated big money to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The U.S. attorney’s office in New York’s southern district is looking into whether Crystal Run Healthcare LPP improperly obtained the massive grants following two days of frenzied executive donations totaling $250,000 to Cuomo’s campaign in 2013, the Albany Times Union reported. The investigation was revealed through federal grand jury subpoenas of current Crystal Run Health employees, two sources familiar with the investigation told the Times Union, indicating the U.S. attorney’s office is considering charges.

Several doctors associated with Crystal Run sued the company late in 2017 for making the donations with pooled company resources in October 2013. The bulk of the donations to Cuomo’s campaign came via 10 donations of $25,000 from doctors and executives at the company — seven of whom had never donated to a New York gubernatorial campaign before then. Various doctors and executives with Crystal Run had given a total of $400,000 to Cuomo between 2011 and 2013.

The state awarded Crystal Run a $25.4 grant in:

Bamboozled by healthcare profiteers since Jimmy Carter – Bill Moyers

“Even though he had supported universal coverage during his campaign, President Carter decided that his first foray into health care would be an attempt to rein in costs, not expand coverage. In the previous decade, the consumer price index had increased by 79.7%, while hospital costs had risen 237%.” Carter on the Issues:

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Carter lost to lobbyists on hospital-cost containment law (1977): “For most of my term, I fought the hospital and medical lobbyists, trying to initiate hospital-cost containment measures designed to insure adequate health care at a reasonable expense. This was not an unproven idea. Several states had already implemented such a system, with notable results: much lower costs to patients and adequately sustained profits for the hospitals and doctors… In the final showdown, Congress was flooded with money, in the form of campaign contributions from the health industry.”

Americans bamboozled by healthcare profiteer lobbyists since the 70s. The ACA tried a different strategy: Provide coverage to more people first, then control costs later. It is now the Republicans’ responsibility to make coverage truly universal and eliminate the healthcare profiteering crooks/elected officials seeking to fill their offshore accounts.


When it comes to sickcare/healthcare for profit, laws and bills have been changed and more people are sicker than ever in a country with more doctors, hospitals, and medicine than the whole world. A business that just keeps on growing and people getting sicker every day…conspiracy?

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Trump Says Obamacare Subsidies Were Making Insurers Rich

Oct.13 — President Donald Trump speaks with reporters about his decision to end health-insurance subsidies under Obamacare.

How ObamaCare has been a financial failure, but those who got contracts, got rich!

Free billions from friend Obama and no one has to pay it back? More than a billion dollars wasted on the reform and a billion more owed; Rich Edson analyzes the numbers for ‘Special Report’. The rich got richer and the middle class went down in numbers, thanks to Obamacare for profiteers! Follow the money and you’ll find the crooks!


2016 – Insurance Company Sues The Government Over Obamacare

Highmark Inc. is suing the federal government over about $220 million it claims it is owed under ObamaCare. The insurer filed a lawsuit Tuesday arguing the Obama administration has yet to pay up the money that is intended to help insurers make up for losses under the law. ..(Who took the money? Pentagon missing trillions and Obama missing millions. Where did it go?


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