Ferguson Protesters Overturn Barricades, Swarm Courthouse… Block Traffic On Interstate… Obama Lectures America About Justified Anger

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Ferguson protesters overturn barricades, swarm courthouse…

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Hundreds of protesters angry about the Ferguson grand jury decision have disrupted traffic for several hours in downtown St. Louis by blocking major intersections, an interstate highway and a Mississippi River bridge connecting the city to Illinois.

Riot police arrested several demonstrators Tuesday afternoon who sat down in the middle of Interstate 44 near the Edward Jones Dome. They used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

Block traffic on Interstate…
ST. LOUIS – Hundreds of protesters walked onto Interstate 44 in downtown St. Louis, blocking traffic Tuesday afternoon.
The demonstrators started their protest around 12 p.m. at Kiener Plaza before marching to the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse on 10th Street.

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Tuesday at Copernicus Community Center in Chicago, IL, President Barack Obama addressed the riots and protests going on throughout the country in reaction to the grand jury announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not face charges for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by justifying the anger as, “It’s rooted in reality, ” but condemning the violence as non-productive.
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45 thoughts on “Ferguson Protesters Overturn Barricades, Swarm Courthouse… Block Traffic On Interstate… Obama Lectures America About Justified Anger

    • While they don’t shoulder all of the blame, its this bad attitude of the “community of color” against law enforcement that is partially responsible for Officer Wilson fearing for his life and shooting Brown in the first place… Had that neighborhood not fostered an adversarial relationship with the police Brown probably would still be alive. Go ahead and take pot shots at some cops for simply doing the job we pay them to… When they (rightfully) fear for their life and blow your head off you’ll have brought it upon yourself.

      • You get it all wrong: this has nothing at all to do with colour.
        Law enforcement officer/s?
        What do cold-blooded, sadistic murderers such as the despicable Brown know about law enforcement?
        Their job? Are these scoundrels paid by the public to kill people? To rob, to intimidate, to blackmail, to torture, to rape and to kill?
        Breaking the law? It;s the bloody cops who break the law; and they do so ritually, with impunity, thanks to corrupt Prosecutors and drunk judges.
        Kill the whole lot of them together with those scum who support them.

        • Yes, Michael Brown, the 18 year old black felon who was shot dead by Officer Wilson, was a despicable sadistic murderer.
          Every indication is, in this case, the police officer did nothing wrong, so this absolutely does have a LOT to do with color when the black community is calling for him to be punished when there’s no evidence he did anything wrong.
          I’m all for punishing every single law enforcement officer who breaks their oath, and making examples of them, but just because an “unarmed” black kid gets killed by a white police officer doesn’t mean this is one of those cases. Him being “unarmed” is not a deciding factor and only a simple-minded fool would latch onto it as important.

          • The despicable sadistic murderer is Brown; all cops, whether black, brown, yellow, red or white, need to be brutally exterminated.
            And I’m not speaking of colour; I’m not referring to the reactions of people on the streets. This should have been clear to anyone.

          • What the hell are you talking about? I’ll say it again since you seem to be dense as a cinderblock: BROWN is the last name of the 18 year old black (technically brown skinned) kid who died. WILSON is the last name of the white (technically light pinkish/yellowish skinned) cop who killed him. These facts are undisputed, so what are you talking about?
            I AM speaking of color. Black people need to cool their jets. If you want to protest police brutality why don’t you focus on an ACTUAL case of police brutality (there are plenty…) What about that poor guy in New York who got put into a choke hold and died? He wasn’t hurting anybody and that was more brutal than this felonious thug Michael Brown getting put down.

          • I’ll have to admit having somewhat hasty; anyway, the fact that I said Brown for Wilson should have told you clearly enough that race, whatever that may mean, is not of the essence for me.
            And I’m not speaking of Police brutality, but of cop thuggery and criminality, regardless of the colour of the skin or race, whatever that may really mean.

          • Where is the evidence of any criminality or thuggery on the part of Officer Wilson? There isn’t any. I’d bet that you’re either a kid, a felon, or a moron. Nobody else hates the police that much just for being police (and doing the job that we as a society ask them to do,) even with all the corruption and misconduct that occurs.

          • Try to learn to read; i don’t hate Police officers. How could I, since they don’t even exist.
            But I do hate cops, oh yeah, I really hate them.

          • Since you are calling for ALL cops, and even their families, to be brutally exterminated then you are far far worse of a threat and an extremest than even the worst 1% of the police.
            Although all police are culpable to some extent for looking the other way, such culpability in an otherwise upstanding cop does not justify death, especially not of their family. You’re just an extremist. I hope you do try to shoot one and they take your head off.

          • You’re too full of shit to comprehend that ALL those who stand by cops, one way or another, are perhaps even more guilty and dangerous than the murderous cops themselves.
            If today, there are only cops, especially in the US, there are people who are responsible for that and these people, greater criminals than the common criminals themselves, do not deserve to live, nor to die ( I’m sure you’ve read Macbeth, even if you have not understood anything in it.
            In the UK, there used to be Police officers and, alas! a few cops too; but for some time now, even in the UK there is a majority of cops. Ask yourself why if you can!

          • Show me a ‘murderous’ cop I’ll be the first one to call for his execution, but if Darren Wilson is your idea of ‘murderous’ then I’d sooner see you dead than the cop.

          • I won’t ask you to delve into the connotations of the word”cop”, which is not exactly synonymous with Police officer. You’re certainly incapable of that.
            Anyway, in my terminology. cop is a Police officer turned rogue.
            Do cops enforce the law? May be, but only when they have to lick the boots of the rich and powerful.
            I won’t wish you daed, since you’re already dead; brain dead.

          • We aren’t talking about ‘connotations’, we are taking about an actual dictionary defined word ‘cop’, that, in the English language is synonymous with ‘police officer’. Maybe you make up your own meanings for words that already have commonly understood definitions… That just means you’re even more of a retard than you already appeared to be (which is saying a lot because you looked pretty dim before.) Go back to whatever hellhole you and your people crawled out of. We don’t want you here in the United States.

          • You’re too illiterate to even know that the word cop is always used pejoratively.
            By the way have you ever heard of the distinction between sociolects and idiolects?
            Do you want the US, the Stolen Land, to be land of crooks and murderers only?

          • Except it’s not, and you’re wrong. Some police even refer to themselves as cops. You’re an uneducated fool, and from the sheer belligerence of your stupidity I doubt you’re even an American.
            ‘Stolen’ land? Europeans were the first ones here who had any legal concept of land ownership. How could something be stolen that nobody before then made any claim to own?

          • I can’t ask you to learn English; you’d be incapable of that.
            Likewise, you know next to nothing about History and ethnology.

          • Did you seriously just write ‘idiolect’? Lol do you mean ‘dialect’, or is ‘ideolect’ another one of your made up words because you are too f’ing dumb to even use the right word when trying to lecture someone? You are an utter piece of human garbage. Go with your ‘friend’ and try shooting at some of the police in Ferguson… They’ll take you out and make this little corner of the world a far better place.

          • The word is idiolect, you bloody illiterate fool.
            Get some notion of linguistics and poetics, if you can.

          • Except it makes next to zero sense in this context. Calling your lack of ability to communicate properly as an individual ‘ideolect’ doesn’t absolve you of being a low intelligence piece of human waste, and is inconsistent with your (incorrect) assertion the the word ‘cop’ is always used pejoratively… Which is it? Is it your ‘ideolect’ to use the word improperly, or is it your ‘sociolect’ ’cause you hang with a bunch of semi retarded apes who don’t know how to properly communicate.

          • You worthless fascist and , obviously, racist scum, go and learn before you even try to discuss or argue with me.
            The word is ”idiolect”, you trash!
            How dare you speak of communication, you totally retarded trash? Do you know, can you know what that is.
            Try to master the English language; it’s true that most people in the US don’t really speak English.
            And try, even if you’re bound to fail, to understand that words are always more complex than they may seem.

          • Just because something is a word doesn’t mean you’re using it right. ‘Idiolect’, in reference to the use of a word that has a long accepted definition, especially when it’s in reference to a conversation with someone you don’t know and who has no idea what words you’ve pulled made up definitions out of your ass for, just isn’t applicable, so your attempt to invoke a concept in a place where it really doesn’t fit, and to double down when called out on it, just reinforces the fact that you are typical intellectually dishonest inferior liberal trash. I bet you think every example of some uneducated fool misusing a word is their ‘ideolect’ lol. I’d rather be a racist than third world subhuman trash.

          • Conversation?
            Do you know what that is? You know anything about cum-versari, you racist trash!
            Since you admit being a racist, you clearly state that you’re inferior and, like all inferior unpeople, you’re proud of it.
            Be on the alert!
            My friends and the friends of my friends will be visiting you very soon.. Ha! Ha!

          • No, I’m not familiar with that (apparently Latin) term. Why don’t you enlighten me?
            Oh, and where did I admit to being a racist? Your reading comprehension sucks. But that’s more than apparent by now.
            I’m always on alert. There is already plenty more human trash like your ‘friends’ around than I could ever be anything but. I’m sure the more that arrive the more this country will come to resemble the third world shithole they come from… The people make the country.

          • Enlighten you!
            But that’s impossible; you’re so inferior.
            Go back to what you yourself wrote and you may see that you yourself admitted being a racist.

          • I read it yet again, and it still doesn’t say what you think it says. If I told you I’d rather be a coyote than a chimpanzee does that mean I’ve ‘admitted’ to being a coyote too? Your intellectual inferiority, along with your already demonstrated moral inferiority, is laid bare for the world to see.
            If you won’t enlighten me, how about the other readers? Or are you just fully aware that your own grasp on the terminology you toss about is strained so far you have no confidence actually using it in any meaningful way?

          • You’re funnier than you might think, you load of shit!
            By the way, I may not answer you for some time, even if if I really should not respond to your obscenities, but my friend and his group will be killing a few cops and setting fire to their houses.
            I don’t want to miss the show.
            And they are busy locating you too.

          • I look forward to the opportunity to justifiably remove some of your garbage friends from the gene pool. I’m sure I’ll hear plenty about your ‘din do nuffins’ friends on the news who, after they are rotting on the ground, were ‘good kids getting their lives together’ hahaha

          • Piss off, if you’ve got nothing else to say but garbage.
            Garbage thou art and garbage thou shalt be, thou scum!

          • Haha because your threats to have your ‘friend’ torture me ‘for a few days’ was just a masterpiece of composition and logical prowess… LMFAO.

          • I’m sorry I forgot to add that I’ve got a friend whose hobby is killing cops: he tells me that he’s killed more than a hundred cops so far; not in one and the same country though.
            And he’s alive and well and proud of his deeds; he hopes to kill another hundred by next Spring.

          • You’ve apparently got a friend who is either full of shit or a narco-terrorist piece of trash that has likely caused far more lawlessness, injustice, and suffering than even the most corrupt police officer. These police are, for the most part, merely enforcing the laws that WE allow to be passed. If your friend wants to punish those responsible he should start by turning the gun on himself.

          • I’d love to see him try. Me, and those like me, are armed, and while he might get the first shot off, and might even mortally wound me in the process, me, or someone like me, will take him out, and spit in his dead spic face.

          • Like I said before: foreign narco terrorist piece of human trash… And you’re actually boasting of having him as a friend. You border on subhuman. Go the f*** back where you and yours came from.

          • You idiot. Even after having it pointed out you still don’t get it. Worse implies negative directionality on a linear conceptual scale, as does ‘sub’, and since ‘sub’ merely gives a direction, and no magnitude, to say someone is ‘worse than subhuman’ is highly awkward, redundant, and borders on the nonsensical.

  1. US cops are trained by Israel and are training (brainwashing) these guys to look at the general population as worthless garbage that needs to be disposed of and that is what they are doing. Through attrition, they are reducing the population of America and they have all been given complete immunity from prosecution, so none of this has anything to do with “Race”, it’s just cops killing people to do the dirty work for the globalist crowd and it’s not just black people that are dying, all races, religions and sexes are being disposed of so don’t take it personal when they get around to you, and mark my words, THEY WILL GET TO YOU and much sooner than you may know.

    • While that time may come, it doesn’t seem to have started yet… Most of the officer involved shootings do turn out to, on paper at least, have legitimate justification. There are still way way too many that don’t, and the fact that even those cases go unpunished is really the critical problem. I wish the blacks would’ve simply chosen a better (actual) case of police brutality to hitch their movement to, rather than first Trayvon (thug) and later Michael Brown (also thug.)

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