FIGHTING “MISINFORMATION.” Facebook will soon add labels, links to posts about climate change.

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via upi:

“Facebook announced on Thursday that it will soon begin labeling posts related to climate change and directing users to a central information page, as part of a greater effort to weed out misinformation about the environmental crisis.”

“Misinformation” sounds CCP-ish, and simply refers to things that contradict the preferred official narrative.


Many members of the media, including and especially those who report on tech, fret constantly about the potential for inaccurate speech to appear on social media. Their complaints frequently expose their own biases: Times tech reporter Kevin Roose once tweeted that “Facebook is absolutely teeming with right-wing disinformation right now,” and linked to four news stories that had attracted significant web traffic on the platform. But the headlines of all four were accurate, as Roose later conceded—a particularly powerful example of an emerging phenomenon in which journalists label something as disinformation or misinformation, not because it is false, but because they don’t want the American public to hear or read it.



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