Finland experiencing 14% higher deathrate in 2022 compared to 2021 – Update: TOTAL ANNIHILATION BY 2029!

by Karlgel

The link is in Finnish – however the short version is this. In Jan-May 2022 Finland has had 14% more deaths compared to same timeperiod 2021.

Sure, you could argue that maybe there are just more old people dying because there’s more of them – HOWEVER at the same time also life expectancy has decreased – for the second year running – which has NEVER happened before. For men from 79.2 to 78.8 and for women from 84.5 to 84.0.

Interesting – no?

The scientists are of course baffled. What could possibly be causing this?

I actually used the 12% increase last year to 14% increase this year as calculation basis, to create an exponential pattern.

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If we assume at the same time that the birthrate stays constant (which it will most likely not), we’re looking at the following NET population decreases year-by-year:

2022 – 3’960 people
2023 – 14’407 people
2024 – 40’987 people
2025 – 99’905 people
2026 – 235’397 people
2027 – 576’645 people
2028 – 1’540’794 people
2029 – 4’635’915 people

The country has a population of 5.5 million currently.

So we’re looking at total annihilation of the Finnish population by mid-2029.

Of course, if this is caused by the vaxx, perhaps 15-20% of the population will not be impacted by this.

All of the above would fit EXACTLY to NWO plans.



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