Finnish MP prepares for a longer crisis – gold nuggets, plenty of meat and berries, engine-generator and lots of weapons

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Home supplies are food and other essential supplies purchased for the home in exceptional circumstances.

Mikko Kärnä (center), a Lapland MP who is known for his frequent releases and social media commentary, has previously said that he has a home resource that includes 100 kilos of game and berries, aggregate, fuel, weapons, cartridges and gold nuggets.

According to Kärna, the home stock is usually quite large for the wilderness of the north, because the caught game is stored in the autumn.

“Reindeer are also often bought. Then there are terrible, birds, rabbits and other stocks in full. Similarly, it is often customary to catch so-called winter fish from the last thawed waters in the frost. You also often have a lot of cod and other sea fish caught in the Arctic Ocean in the freezer during the summer. The salmon is also stored in the wake of the summer, ”says Kärnä.

According to Kärnä, in addition to other household items, it is important to have fishing equipment and weapons at home.

“If there is a shortage of food, then it’s easy to get more of it yourself.”



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