Firearm crackdown already starting

They’re coming after 80% receivers.
They’ve raided manufacturers and visited retailers and want lists of customers.
They’ve already raided some customers too.

After making hundreds of thousands of people felons overnight with the brace bans they’re going after 80% receivers.

They didn’t even wait on Trump to get out of office.

The story identifies at least one purchaser that had their firearm confiscated but there are people in youtube comment sections claiming the same happened to them.

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These people do not have felonies and are legally allowed to own firearms but they don’t care.

The Firearms Blog reported that the ATF did turn up at a reader’s house and demanded his Polymer80 “Buy, Build, Shoot” kit. The reader did turn over the equipment to the ATF and received a receipt from the agents. AmmoLand News reached out to several high-profile attorneys specializing in firearms to ask if the owner of a “Build, Buy, Shoot” kit could face any type of criminal charges. The lawyers all told AmmoLand News off the record that it would be doubtful that an owner would or could face any charges. They believe that the ATF is most likely using the threat of charges as a fear tactic to force compliance. They suggested that users remain silent and not speak to the agents if they show up at their residence and demand their property.





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