Waterfall Floods Road In Australia After Heavy Rain

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Severe storm brings massive rains to Queensland and NSW, Australia

An intense low-pressure trough off the coast of southeast Australia has brought torrential rains, floods, damaging winds, and dangerous waves to southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales over the weekend, with authorities describing the impacts as similar to that of a Category 1 cyclone. While the threat has eased on Monday, December 14, severe thunderstorm and flood warnings remain in force.

In Queensland, up to 738 mm (29 inches) of rain fell in Upper Springbrook a 72-hour period to Monday, including 323 mm (13 inches) in six hours overnight, from December 12 to 13, triggering coastal flooding…

“Many of the impacts from this weather event will be similar to a category-one cyclone event,” Queensland emergency services minister Mark Ryan told ABC…

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Greg Leach added that the storms represented a “significant change in the weather pattern” in the state…

“Only last week we were dealing with bushfire situations and now the big wet has arrived… and so we need to be prepared not only for the weather we are dealing with now but we’re likely to see over the coming month.”..




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